Is christian laettner diamond worth?

is he better than diamond love, or josh smith or amy kp thats who im using now

Simply put… NO …He’s not better than Kristaps or josh smith for sure.

I’m a sucker for HoF difficult shots for offense in the post and in the few games I played with him last night he probably isn’t better than KP but is more along the lines of a better Klove in my eyes.

Better shot than smith better post moves then love but neither of those guys is 6”11. Beyond that is preferance on what your team needs

I reminds me of a weak embiid, has the post game, the outside shot, the rim protection and the rebounding and mobile enough to defend on the perimeter, his only weakness in my opinion is he strength only at 87

this is my current team

u think i should get him or who should i go to try n get

Big Z is better

Fake News

He’s a step above Josh Smith at the 4. Maybe not the 3.

Yea he’s not that good. Blake better

If you say so. Josh smith has Hof defensive stopper and Posterizer. Throw some Kobe ad Mids on him and you have a very elite card.

Damnit. Don’t make me try him out again. I just made my mind up on a lineup. Josh Smiff is really cheap right now too.

Idk if he’s good enough to crack your squad. Josh with Kobe white Mids can dominate the sf position. Locks the perimeter and the paint down, can post spin and dunk on whoever plays shoot 3’s. I don’t use him, but he’s very capable. I’ve played him a few times

They are very different, Laettner can’t match Josh’s athleticism and defense, but is a way better shooter.
The problem with Laettner is that he’s just a shooter. Feels extremely clunky with and without the ball and his terrible post animations deny the good attributes he has there.

so looking at my team who should i replace n who should i aim for

You can try Laettner and see if you like him more than Love. He’s a shooter who can rebound, just like Love. If you play the post with them I suggest to keep Kevin, Laettner has terrible animations, his fade creates no space.

Your team is fine :grinning:

u dont think any of the new or older cards are worth getting ? Should i go for pd lbj or pd melo over the cards i have, or pd wilt

I have him. He’s good at the 5. Imo he’s better than Kristaps. Porzingis just has a better release.

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Same here

Laettner is good at the 4 or 5 with the right match up. He made me sell pd Blake as his jumper timing is better and he actually stands a chance vs AD, Porz, etc