Is Chris Webber worth buying another 250 cards

I feel like earlier in the game he would’ve been but currently I have too many big men such as dikembe, Hakeem, Duncan, moses and ak47 should I make that move or just save my mt

Well yes, he is one of the best pfs in game. The others you said play better in other positions: kirilenko at sf, hakeem, mutombo and duncan at c. So i’d say he is worth it, but only if you are going also up to jr and giannis

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Save your mt/time and buy all-star Kuzma if you need a Webber kinda player.

His stats seem nice but AD and Porzingis have locked down the PF spot for me for the foreseeable future.

Not even close.

Webber is a lot better defender and rebounder, has top tier post moves package and better inside game.

But he can’t handle the ball, Kuzma is much better in that aspect.

I’d even give Webber shooting advantage because of hof diff shots and great moving shot animation.

Kuzma gets abused by any good PF.

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Not even close to what ? I don’t even suggest these 2 as PFs…
These both are weak at PF spot and better at SF for starters lol. Kuz has 3p plays btw that’s a huge adv. Op talks about 250 cards to get Webber, do you know how much that costs ? The 10% tax loss covers at least half of Kuzma’s price.

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Same for me, but webber is 3rd, followed by blake. So if you don’t have the mt for ad, porzingis webber is a nasty duo too

He is 100% worth it, all around card with 97 strength and fast release

Yeah I think I might go for jr

I had both didn’t work out for me :face_with_head_bandage:

Honestly it is a major grind, but PD JR is the best card in the game as of now. 100% will be worth the grind. Especially when the other 36 throwback cards come out and more moments that make it easier to get 2250. By all means make this your goal. GO Giannis idk because 2500 means you gotta have lots of pricey cards, but JR can be done for not too much.

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I have both too and have to sell Kuzma soon cuz Webber is already locked. I wouldn’t go for him if Kuz was out when i got him.


I sold Blake after I got Webber because Webber is a much better defender, despite being shorter.
Hof rebounder+95 vertical is plenty for PF position.
And since most people run stretch 4s, my SF usually gets more rebounds. AK always had more defensive boards than AD for me, despite AD being a better rebounder.
97 lowpostiq and strength is great.
I got shaq on C on my bench, so they complement nicely.

I also tried him at SF, but his lack of ballc and swb is a no go, for me at least.

Yes i agree. In fact imo at pf:
1 ad
2 porzingis
3 webber
4 blake
5 love


Yeah I’m currently at 1700 I believe in 2k17 it took forever to get to this point Lmaoo so I believe u on it being easy to get jr especially with more cards coming out currently

100% agree with this list. Honorable mention to Giannis too but I run him at PG :cheese:

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Not gonna lie I normally run ak point guard whoever at the 2 3 jayson Tatum 4 either dikembe or Tim Duncan and 5 bill walton just cause of his passing skills and flashy passer but that’s just to go 12-0

Idk, I’d never use Porzingis at the 4.
But then again, he gets bullied at the 5.

Situational card that can be deadly, especially as the bench 5.

I’m talking about matchups vs great teams, ofc.

Why wouldn’t you use him at 4?

Because most godsquads have cards with 90+ speed at PF.
AD dominates him on the glass, Giannis just has free points whenever he attacks him. Even with Webber or Blake you can bully him because they have like 20 str on him.

And I don’t run pick an pop more than a couple of times per game. And that’s his main advantage.