Is Chris Paul a top 15 PG All Time?

Since Skip Bayless (Who’s a idiot in my opinion ) is asking this and saying he isn’t top 15 I thought I’d ask the same in discussion on here.
So where do you rank CP3 all time in PG’s?

Skip should shut his mouth up. Not just about that , but about everything in general

Definately Top10 but I wouldn’t argue againts Top5 aswell


dont have entire list but there are a lot of greats that id consider before CP3 in terms of “greatness”
Pete maravich, bob cousy, stockton, glove, walt frazier, nash (2 time mvp), kidd maybe? and that havent even touched the popular ones like magic, steph, jerry west yet…
so i think there is something to argue here but i dont have enough knowledge about that
P.S. i would love to see skip vs max kellerman debate lmao
bs vs bs both delusional

Someone said Alvin Robertson to me on twitter i was like who tf is that?

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oscar robertson lol?

Im throwing a party the day that we “no longer have to deal with” Skip.

But anyway CP3 is easily top 5. His only knock is not having a ring but if he wasn’t so unlucky with health he’d have one.

My top 5 in no real order



Why the fuck is this a question? If you don’t think CP3 is Top 10 all-time you need to watch more basketball


Cuz Skip Dickless is an asshole


Easily top 15 IDK about top 5 but very close if not.


to be all time great its not just skill, we also need to consider whether hes as dominant at his time, being influential and inspirational, i think cp3 is not on the level of isiah, bob cousy and maybe even pistol pete?

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Wtf bro top 5? Top 10 maybe, but def not top 5…
I mean…


And then maybe CP3 if you cosider him better than Payton, Fraizer and Kidd…

And btw I like CP3 but lets be real…


This! Nice said bro

I’m sorry but this is disrespectful. Cousy never did what CP3 did

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we still talk about cousy, west, and frazier
but 40 years from now
people will remember steph curry instead of cp3 as an iconic pg from this era
i like cp3 and all but talking about global presence, and influential hes not in that group yet

Easily top 10

Top 10
1: Magic Johnson
2: John Stockton
3: Oscar Robertson
4: Steph Curry
5: Isiah Thomas
6: Russell Westbrook
7: Steve Nash
8: Walt Frazier
9: Chris Paul
10 Jason Kidd


CP3 is pushing 40 now and is still a guaranteed playoff berth. That OKC team he dragged to the playoffs last year was not good at all. His abilities transcend basic stats. He influences winning more than any recent player other than LeBron. He is very dominant, just not always statistically.

He is the literal embodiment of what it means to be a point guard. And the reason I have him over guys like Kidd, Nash, Stock, and Cousy is because he rarely ever had a legit running partner or a teammate that was better than him. Imagine if the Lakers trade wasn’t vetoed. Even Blake in his prime was still always injured. His best healthy teammate before Harden was David freaking West. And if you go back and watch N.O. CP3, he was insane. He used to flirt with a quadruple double every night.

Solid list. Mine’s similar:

  1. Magic
  2. Oscar Robertson
  3. Stockton
  4. Steph Curry
  5. Isiah Thomas
  6. CP3
  7. Russell Westbrook
  8. Nash
  9. Frazier
  10. Gary Payton
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my take on this is
to be an all time great you gotta be memorable in the future

until now if you ask me to name 5 players (not saying they are top 5 at that time but just base on how popular and famous they were)
from the 50s, cousy will be in it 100%
60s, oscar, west
70s, frazier
80s, isiah, magic
90s, glove stockton

would cp3 fall into the “name 5 player from 2000s or 2010s” 50 years from now? i am not so sure

hack not to be disrespectful, cp3 is definitely a better player in his career, but i think i might remeber drose before him

1: Magic is 1 because lets face it he is a giant PG who one multiple titles and even played center.
2: John Stockton is 2 because he is all-time assists leader and amazing in lots of aspects and managed to make the finals lots of years though jordan beat them down ( Would have if not for Jordan existing)
3: He is a 6’5" PG who played sg and sf for teams and averaged a triple double one season. and to add to that list he also has a title.
4: Curry as we all know is probably the best shooter of all time (Besides Ray Allen in my Opinion) and has gotten MVP and many titles.
5: Isiah was great and beat the bulls 2 years to win the finals and he was an all round great player.
6: Westbrook is a god in my eyes I would put him higher but i’m scared because i might get murdered. He has averaged a TRIPLE DOUBLE Multiple seasons and is amazing in everything.
7: Steve Nash was a dominant force in his time securing an MVP and doing so much as a player and now a couch.
8: Walt Frazier was an amazing player in his era helping the Knicks get there titles.
9: Chris Paul is a team layer and turned the suns into a Championship contending team once he arrived.
10: Jason Kidd is one of the best players and so deadly on many parts. And might even land himself a coaching job too.