Is Brian winters good or not

I got him my first game of tt and looked at his stats and didn’t really like what I saw had anyone had a lot of play with him?

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Some say he is great but idk. this early in the game he should be though

He’s a Klay Clone

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I just got it in my 5th win in TTO. Wow


Don’t think he’s great but his card last year was the same jumpshot as klay

I’ve been trying to get him lol but always get 1 token

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wish he had range

How bout is he better, same level, or worse than Houston? I’ve heard a lot of good on Houston but no one talk about winters

I’m 30-something games in and I’ve had nothing but 1 token other than one time with 500mt.

Reminds me of 2k20

I have 60 games and haven’t got him!

I thought you were talking about the Brian Winters in the NFL lol