Is Bol unusable online?

It’s coming down to either Bol or Heard for me. Y’all think Bol can be a decent backup? Is he better than Horford?


He’s usable, I’ve seen people use him pretty well.


Bol is fine. There are just better Centers out


Yeah, but his speed is an issue. U have to make sure u user him back in transition and when ur opponent inbounds.

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Yeah agreed, the guys that know how to abuse his height, and can hit some 3s with him, can be tough to deal with.

Though he is pretty easy to punish on the perimeter if you can ISO against him.


Do you think he’s an upgrade over Horford?

Damn I’m still torn

Yes. 7 footers are harder to post fade

I’ve been experimenting with different lineups and Bol is my backup center for my current lineup. Solid, but slow. I think I had 10 and 6 with him off the bench.

For my playstyle, no, but it all depends how you personally would use him. I’ve played against people with Bol that have made me want to straight up punch my tv.

I picked him up and played one online game and he was a monster. He exceeded my expectations had 12/6 off the bench. Wow he def feels like an upgrade over Horford, he’s so huge finishes everything inside and gets tons of rebounds wether he’s boxed out or not. Lol

He was my favorite player for a few years, back in the early 90’s when I was a kid growing up in the Bay Area. I want to be able to use him in 2k so bad, but I need my centers to run back on defense a little quicker lol.

Dont use him, if i go against him then i would pick and roll him to death, he entirely too slow on the perimeter

Granted I probably suck, but every time I run up against Bol he destroys me. Last year, this year, it doesn’t matter. Dude is a glitch.

You need to have a quick 3pt shooting center to get him out of the paint, beat him on the break and spam steal when he gets the ball. Otherwise, at least against me, the paint is 100% closed and good luck getting anything inside, even a rebound.

Anyone seen a video of Bol getting consistently beat in the post?

If you play 4 out 1 in spacing, you can always stick a center in the corner by calling a screen for the PF. Your center will go stand in the corner. Equally effective in getting rim protectors out of the paint. Just depends if you are trying to cook up an offballer, or if you just need him out of the way so he can’t help on a drive.

And if your Center is a shooter, then perhaps even better, in terms of taking Bol out of the paint, to just run Pick & Pop. Force the off-baller to be engaged and have to make decisions. Don’t allow him to park in the paint by having your 5 fade in 1-5 P&R. Or like @jc9288 says, run 1-4 P&R out of a 4-1 offense.

What probably could be especially effective are plays with double screens from 4 and 5, with 4 rolling and 5 fading.

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