Is Bob petit worth it?

I heard some people said he was better before the shot contest fix and that they don’t like him anymore. What y’all think

Best shooter in game, best at 2. Butler/Worthy/McHale are all more unique though

Base 11 cheese is old at this point

jamison is a good cheap replacement for him. but if you like base 11 and want another base 11 shooter with hof limitless on your team he’s still a really good card.

that base 11 hof limitless is godly

If you like base 11 he’s 100% worth it, but overall he’s definitely not the best token opal

I’m a base 11 lover and he’s been a monster for me in TTO and also bails me out constantly in MTU. He can defend 1-4, has good strength and post moves. Athletic enough and has the angry white guy dunk package. Great card really

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In takeover you might score 21 points in a minute