Is bob cousy worth it?

I mean it will probably cost 100k to get him I think. Is he better than Stockton or nash?

stockton’s better imo


I love Cousy honestly


Cousy was great weeks ago but not worth it now but if you want him for offline challenge or domination he good for those but for online he’s pretty bad

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He doesnt get quick first step which is ass

Not at all, I’d say Deron, Curry, and Stockton are all better than him. I would just save your exchange cards for the next season

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not at this point. He’s very solid but he cant get range extender :confused:

He’s worth it if your lucky and get a duplicate diamond reward on TTOnline/offline or the Promo demarcus(how I got Cousy) after that it’s pretty easy with cooper and all the other amethyst being dirt cheap

Lucky bastard lol

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No way

He still is on my bench bruh

No RE doesn’t matter on him because he has one of those shots that’s easy to green from anywhere (Siakam)

I’m really enjoying him. Good dribbles, and since most bigs rn have bronze intimidator or none at all, he gets to the basket with ease

Im not doubting he can be a positive on the court. But as far as worth I rather wait and see what season 2 has coming rather than pay a premium for a card that came out that early.

Imo if he can be had for less than Stockton or Deron then Id say go for it but if he is more than those 2 I can’t do it.

Sniper Badges are back!

Given that the cost has gone down significantly since the start of the season, I say yes if you have the 5 original owner ruby PGs (Lakers amethysts are cheap now with Cooper and Pau, the cheapest amy is only a few K and even diamonds have gone down). You might be able to get it done for under 100K. I paid a little under 150 and don’t regret it. Really easy jumpshot, good defender and great passer, and can get to the rim if the opposing defender doesn’t have clamps. However, lack of range and QFS keep him from being the top PG in the game behind Curry.

I like him better than Stockton but he’s no Curry and hard to get with the OO requirements

His shot is just so butter bruh he has the best shot of any pg except Curry

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No hof dimer / gold extender on a non-dunker pg is not acceptable anymore imo. At least one should be there. So, as people mentioned there are better auctionable options now. His defense is also bad among the ones who have gold clamps, almost no steals. Kinda outdated.

Thanks. Since I have curry I’ll just skip. Stockton my backup and hes maxed badged up. Then nash my third pg

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In the beginning of this game he was a must have for me, now he doesn’t make my bench. He served his purpose early on for that long unlimited grind when no one had comparable cards.

No quick first step or range is ass. Anyone defending Cousy is in denial about shambles.