Is Blake a endgame card?

He can hold his own and is solid. I 'm a fan of Blake and am loving this card. With alot more cards coming out I wonder will he go down in price or stay in the 300k to 400k range.

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The price will come down, but probably not too dramatically until June. Last year they released so many Opals that they were all like BIN by the end of June

all of the buzzer beaters will come down since they don’t lock in for anything. by how much depends on how many times and in what quantity they get rereleased in some kind of super or duo pack.

We’re extremely overdue for Buzzer Beater super packs. I could see him potentially dipping a bit below 300k, but since he’s comparable to the AD I doubt it goes too far down.

I know he will dip in price , It’s hard to keep cards to long because the price are high then later they go for cheap. Like Clyde going 150k which is close to buy now.

Ratings wise he is end game, price wise i can see him dipping into the 200s if there is a superpack

He is of course. Not everyone could be able to get potential DRob or Giannis at 4