Is Bird worth 21k that it's going for on auction?

And is he good if I play him at PF?

theres a saphires thats better than him at pf


Birds really good but 21k ehh, you can get him cheaper sometimes and I don’t think his value is going up. If your on a budget there’s better options for the mt. Beast card though.

Yeah he is cheaper at other times of day, wait for a crash and he will be around 16k or so, he is pretty good though, I think frye or sam prekins are better suited to play the four, and they have a 91 as opposed to 86 three ball

I found bird with cp3 shoes and badges for 20k, if your patient u might be able to get him alot less


He’s reached his peak value op. Better cards are going to be coming out every week so it’s innevitable . Bird was going for 12-15 at one point hes gonna start to drop soon.

Larry’s ruby really isn’t built to play the 4 at this point in the game, so you are definitely right there… his higher tier cards we get later on will definitely suffice for a small ball 4 though.

But please, please don’t sleep on Larry’s three ball because of the ratings. His release for a tall wing is just deadly… I guarantee you that neither Frye or Big Smooth are knocking down deep contested threes at Larry’s clip, just no way.

You can throw those ratings out the window when comparing those three guys.

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Yeah for Larry to have a 86 3 ball, he hits them like he gotta 95 3 ball

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I had him earlier than sold him. I missed his wet 3 ball so bought him back for 20k with a bunch of contracts and shoe. He comes off the bench and hits a few 3’s. I run him at the 3. I’ll prob sell him again soon though and make a small profit, I’ll just use Eddie Jones or Pippen instead. I’d be patient and look for a Bird at around 16k.

His worth double the price.
He playing not worst than his PD last year.

Bird and G-Force play beyond their stats among auctionable cards.

Jared Fucking Jeffries. That is all

Bird is one of the best rubies for sure. He’s good at everything except slashing and has a very nice shot release.
As others have said, his price is probably only going down from here (I don’t think he is part of any lockable set?). But MT is so easy to get this year…if you can find one nicely badged/shoed for 21k and you plan to use him now, he is worth it.

Those sapphire are not better than bird,sorry

Bird Klay and Kristaps are the best auctionable rubies. It’s the current amethysts that will screw people the most by holding

Those 3 pretty much keeping me from spending on higher teirs

Right, I could live with those players crashing but definitely not anyone I’ve spent around a hundred K or more for

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He is. Rookie Sensations