Is Ben Simmons

Diamond any good… the cheap one or what card should I get for triple threat that will help this team…

I need a good defender… thank you for the feedback !

150k minimum … all I have or 200k mt

A big that can shoot and defend. Get Boogie. Ditch Wilkins bc he’s going to get you equalized the first 14 pts in every game.

Ok so is porzinigis good?

I am auctioning my yao and possibly lillard for around 220k mt

Porzingis is meh. Weak. I prefer KAT or Boogie. But if you want to spend 150k…have at it.

Ok thank you!

I really love this Ben Simmons and he tears it up in TT, but his total lack of outside shooting is a bit of a hindrance. T.Mac is the best card available for anything if you wanna spend big. Would also highly reccomend doing the Giannis challenges, prolly 200k ish outta pocket initially, recoup most when you resell. He’s my favorite card by far outside of Tracy.

Yeah I wish I could get Giannes… but out of my price range

If you can’t win with that team? ! Then try playing with evos because it helps you matchup with weaker teams

Odom is also a great option. For the price especially, since we really gotta be getting a KD/Magic/PG/Bron/Kobe very soon. I imagine you could buy the set necessary to get Giannis with the MT you have, but I’m not on to check prices currently.

While true for MTU, not so for TTO - you should use the best players you have. I get low rarity opponents all the time and run Roy/PD Giannis/Robinson

Just a heads up, I’m selling my Simmons tonight, after this tournament everybody was using a Simmons, I’ma see if someone will pay high price for him after all this exposure

How bad is equalizer this year compared to 2k19?

Glitch Simmons shot up extra 100K after the tourney, but I would just get the moments and put a middy shoe on him

Ben Simmons is the King of Philly and his Myteam card is God like.

So people holding the glitched Simmons aren’t in shambles after all?

My moments Simmons just sold for 146k, I guess my theory was right, he was just a bin this morning

He never recovered from the moments drop but has climbed back up after the patch and tourney