Is anyone using Cousy?

I use him. He’s basically a better Curry with better badges and defense. Anyone else use him?

He’s 2" shorter and doesn’t have Limitless-range though? He’s more like a welfare John Stockton or Jerry West, IMO.

Pulled him and holding onto him for now just to try him out with Bill Russell, but I have a feeling I will end up selling. He looks decent, though. Rather have Stockton if I’m going with this type of player, though.

If you know how to use players height does not matter

he might be fun to use for offline play

On offense, that’s true (at least to an extent). On defense though (which I’d argue is much more important), you couldn’t be more wrong. has data that proves the taller a player is (thus, the longer their respective wingspans), the lower their opponent’s shot percentages are as a result from the contest. This a cold, hard, undeniable fact, in that height is correlated with wingspan, which is then directly correlated with negatively affecting your opponent’s shot percentages (AKA, “defense”).

Also, not to mention, you can’t effectively run a switch-all defensive scheme with super short players (otherwise Cousy will end-up on the center, who will turn into straight BBQ chicken for anyone who’s smart enough to post him up).

Despite his good defensive stats, his measly 6’1" stature hinders him greatly (especially when matched-up against the online meta of 6’8"+ Demi-Gods such as Magic, LBJ, KD, Simmons, etc.).

Grabbed Cousy hit a game wining three for me. BUDget beast, a little slow release but was hitting even when not green

I don’t run a switch all defense I run a stick man to man defense and it works just fine he clamps anybody that is not using a cheese point guard

So it works fine against less than 50% of the SM population? Heard. What tier are you in? For the past 6 rounds I’ve played, once you get to Amy (or definitely Diamond) tier, nearly everyone you face cheeses with an oversized perimeter player as their PG.

Switch-all can still be run in a traditional “man-to-man” defense. It’s just if you have the lineup that’s capable of effectively utilizing it, you basically completely neutralize all plays & P-&-Rs/P-&-Ps. It’s by FAR the most efficient way of stopping the Pick-&-Roll (one of, if not “the”, most commonly used offensive actions). Bob Cousy can’t be utilized in this fashion though.

Not to mention, that on offense, he can’t dunk (which the “meta” relies heavily on). Any way you slice it or dice it, Bob Cousy is (and will continue to be for the remainder of the year) a welfare Diamond with glaring offensive & defensive deficiencies.

I’ve only played a couple super max games this round but currently in ruby

For the higher tiers I run Ben Simmons at PG

Atta boi. Although if/once you progress further into SM, you’ll find that Ben Simmons inability to space the floor on offense, will prove problematic. Your opponents will just sag off you, daring you to shoot, which in turn makes it that much harder to drive/find open shooters (just because they basically get an extra defender).