Is anyone here good at Halo?

Im trying to get back into it and I was pretty good back in the day. Had a 50 in lone wolves, doubles, team slayer, and objective, 40 in MLG playlist (all halo 3)

Just lookin for a decent doubles partner or people who wanna play slayer or something

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Halo takes me back fr, I used to destroy kids at 3, 4, and Reach. Had 5 on gamepass last year. Was fire. Don’t have it anymore tho

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You trying to play master chief collection ? Old halo 3 ? Or halo 5 ?

Play warzone, they’re releasing 5 man squads today. Better than Apex

I loved the masterchief collection but it takes too much HD space. I only kept Reach installed

I’ve been playing 3 on Master Chief still have some of the old skills, those maps are burned into my brain. Servers are great you can find matches quickly and zero lag.

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yessir I was a 50 in MLG playlist back in H3, you already got me added hmu whenever im on and want to run it

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you mean 4man squads?

Yes Halo 3 can’t wait for Infinite

Nah I heard it was 5man. My friend told me so I cant confirm

Nah it’s 4 man squads haha 100 %. Played earlier

That’s even better because I have 2 buddies that always wants to play with me and my buddy and we have to take turns

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I hear u dude. I think 4 is perfect. I wish they had a duo option tho

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Me too. I’m wondering if its better to stay as a 4man group or travel in pairs remotely close to each other

I think staying close enough to provide help if needed is important.

Two tight duos aint too bad. Might be easier for call outs too. I dunno. You watch any streamers. ?

I subbed to swagg on YouTube. Cool dude great gameplay

Nah I only watch 2K streams. I think I might do duos while raiding houses and then group up when its time to camp. Camping is necessary, way too many people. You need to let them all kill each other off if you even want a chance at the final circle.

Yea I hear that. Eventually I wanna get to the point where I’m not Afraid of Engagements. I see these YouTubers dropping 20 kill victories with ease. And being aggressive as fuck lol. Using UAVs are key. They pop em and then just terrorize kids lol.

I fucking hate walking into a building thinking it’s empty and then getting smoked by smgs and die in a second cuz of campers with ghost lol.

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They gotta be elite. It’s just not worth the risk imo to engage. I understand it more in Apex cuz it’s really beneficial to kill people and loot but you get pretty much everything you need quickly in warzone. If I see a squad close by that we can run up on, I’ll go for it but I dont actively look to hunt squads down or do those bounties.

I don’t think camping every game helps you get better tho. More Gun engagements will tho. Experience will help you. I know peeps wanna get wins NOW. But if you think long term it might be helpful later. That’s why I played as much multi player as I could when it was free and still run plunder to warm up so I can push multiple times a game instead of just trying to camp all game and maybe getting into 2 or 3 gun fights.

Sorry just saw this but yesss cheddar lets fuckin go. lets play tomorrow