Is Anyone Else Surprised By Lack of Premium Sets?

I don’t dislike it at all. Actually I kind of like it but it definitely seem surprising that they aren’t pumping these out like they did last year


I think what they are doing with Throwbacks, Moments, Heat Checks, POTM and Anniversary does a pretty good job of filling the content void for the most part.

I’d rather have more infrequent but BALLER promos, which hopefully is what we’re about to get this week.

When the last throwback has been cut down, the last 20th analversary caught, the last Opal poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.

2k Guru.


The season started last week. Im not sure how many premium sets came out last year before the season. But i assume it wasn’t many.

They clearly have an agenda here…Throwbacks/20th Anniversary are their priorities.

Im not complaining. I’ll gladly take throwback/20th anny sets instead of having to lock 15 guys for one player I want lol


We gonna have enough Promo’s to empty our wallets, when they finish milking this token caw.


There will be coming once everyone has evaporated their MT locking in 10K plus silvers. Will need to re-up VC on Mom’s credit card.

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