Is anyone else having a hard time shooting?

Having a hard time shooting ? I swear I cant make one shot wtf is this


It’s probably something that will make us shoot with the new stupid meter instead of square… I had the same problem

But I cant even make one shot !!!

I made only 1 mid range the whole game

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Yes. Shooting was impossible for me and I didn’t get better over time. Extremely worried about the game now.

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I could only green with Kobe … wow

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Has me considering to cancel my preorder this is BS

Not really. Just keep shooting. Honestly unless you are using the meter when the game drops I wouldn’t even worry about making shots right now.

I know for a fact Im starting the game with no meter and square to shoot so Im not tripping over a few bricks because Im not using this shitty meter.

Try Jerry West, Goodrich and PG13. Kobe has a nice shot as well.

Same! His card was op too but because of that meter It wasn’t fun tbh couldn’t even rim run Shaq without that meter popping up half the time.

I greened my first shot :joy:

You have to pull down the stick and then spin it a bit to the middle of the window. I was hitting consistently.

I have tried since last night … cant get it down…

Once you’ll be able to turn your meters off this thread will be irrelevant.

I’ve been thinking this since September

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