Is anyone actually going to use Klay instead of selling him? lol

Interested in a review, even though its pretty straight forward he’ll green everything lol

What’s up with the way you type, lol
I bet he’s so good lol
So many lols lol


What can i say…live laugh love. We could all use more laughter in our lives!


I could give you a review in a week when his price drops

You used more “lol’s” than he did, lol.

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Based off his rubies play, he will never leave my lineup. Prob won’t get him until later tho.

I’ll probably never get him until maybe months later if he’s dirt cheap after all the galaxy opals are out

Then what’s the point of this thread

I won’t be getting Klay.

Because there are people in this forum that actually have mountains of MT that can afford him and tell us how he plays

Dont think his much different from the ruby.

Gameplay coming soon boys

i just assume the HOF badges matter along with shooting boosts

Klay and steph diamond gameplay for those interested YT screwed my sound up at the last second there but ill leave it up for yall to decide :hugs:


“My guns splash brothers, call em Curry and Klay”

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