Is anybody else Lagging more than usual?

Just got home and hopped into Triple threat and it’s lagging so bad I’m shooting 3’s when I try to pump fake the ball, passes are delayed, and I can’t switch defenders at times. What’s going on? Or is it just my internet. Switched to a new company today? I’m lagging more than when I used hotspot.

I never experience this lag that everyone complains about

For real?

Everyone is on trying to get Booker lol


You are very very very lucky

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Booker? He’s on TTO boards… That’s explains it. No wonder I was running into more cheese than usual. I thought I had just loss a step from not playing online in a week.

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Booker is on boards? I haven’t seen anyone post getting him

@ClarenceW said Booker was up on boards too

I haven’t played yet so don’t know

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