Is Amy Rudy gay still good?

Might be looking to buy him, alternatively, who are some budget snipers ?

D Kawhi Leonard

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Got him already


My budget is 30k, my bad for not clarifying

How much is Marc Gasol

He’s going for like 60k

Jimmy Butler Good Too

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Ruby Josh Richardson is a outstanding shooter and hes dirt cheap. Very slept on.

I would take ruby Morris Peterson over Rudy Gay, Jimmy Butler, etc. Dude is 6’9 with a stroke and good defense. He can comfortably play the 2, 3, and even some at the 1 if you get him a good shoe and coach boost.

I’ve used all 3 of these guys and Mo Pete is the only one I still use in my lineup and he is much cheaper than the other options. I saw one going for as low as 10k at one point. He’s worth checking out at that price at least

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