Is AH glitch solved?

Is AH glitch solved now? I think it’s showing players as it should for me.

Also I’m selling GO Durant. When should I put him up?

Yesterday it glitched again so probably not

Nope, was glitching all on Saturday, just ask @Carlo221 he been eating real good off this glitch.

Any glitch or snipe tips? Appreciate any helps :slight_smile:


bid on everything ^^

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Just in general avoid 1pm to 7 pm EST. Cuz that’s when shits been getting crazy

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So if I put GO KD now for 4 hours should it be fine? Or is it better to wait for a few more days?

Also is there any update when are they planning on fixing this shit?

I’d sell asap. Peeps want these cards to get glen rice. Card prices very high. 4 hours is good

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Thanks man, I’ll put him up. Lets hope I dont get fucked by the glitch lol

If anyone wanna bid :smiley:

I hope I don’t either. lol. I’m sorry if u do. But I think ur gucci

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I posted a kirilenko about an hour ago too, I hope we fine

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Correct me if Im wrong but I dont think it has happened this early before so you should good

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The glitch IS the solution

i posted Ben, Odom and Curry last night to end around 10am est today, with 1 hour+ my Ben was at 712k… I paid 625k for him previously. Glitch luckily hasnt fucked me over yet in the last couple weeks.


I wonder what time the glitch will be today lol


Stay tuned!


Lmaoooo perfect response

My GO KD sold out fine I guess. Was hoping for a bit more but could be a lot worse.


I got everything sold this morning that I wanted to clear out. I guess we’ll see what happens today.

That’s practically what he was going for day 1 so sounds much better than expected to me. I admittedly haven’t been following his price since locking