Is AD worth it for me?

Currently have 200k and likely selling Ralph, Hondo, Kawhi, and Dwight within the next few weeks.

Is it worth selling Giannis (w/ contract and white kobes) for AD while he’s in packs? Any other suggestions besides dropping Mitch or running Giannis at point? Yes I’m a little stubborn. Also thinking of selling Granger but would hate to get less than 450k.

Edit: I switched KAJ to starting recently and like the results so far

I don’t know who’s better but I think AD could replace Blake.

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Sell Ralph Kawhi MJ Mitch. Bench Blake for AD. Bench = Hondo Pip Giannis Blake Kareem …you have too many guys with or without AD

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Thanks! Hondo is trash imo and that bench would lack lots of spacing, right? Plus I want to keep Mitch lol. May sell MJ but hadn’t really considered that as a Bulls fan. It’s been fun using him bc I’ve never had this much MT to play with before. What makes you say AD is better than Blake? Just defense?

Edit: and I know I have too many. Just figured I’d list who I planned to sell. Ralph is too slow and I can’t score as well with Hondo as with Mitch, but his defense is great. May keep him as a reserve just for that.

Hondo Pip Blake have above 90 open 3. Giannis can go to 80s and has an easy stroke.

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sell hondo and keep mitch whichever u prefer. I think theres alot better u can get for MJs price

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Appreciate all the help. It’s not the 3pt ratings that were the issue but more the slow jumpers. That’s why I grabbed Granger to start. I’m not as consistent shooting with Giannis as I’d like but he has the white kobes and I have D’Antoni. Was considering putting Mitch with the starters but when most guys are running forwards there he’s better as a spark plug off the bench.

Good point on mj! Just not sure who to replace him with. Although I guess I could move Mitch there like I used to (he has CP3s) and grab PG13 for another 2 guard.

Any other ideas? You’ve been really helpful so far

I actually am a fan of slower jumpers. If you like quick jumpers you need to try out Arenas. Looks like you could use a backup PG anyways. He looks bigger in game than 6’3


I suggest Selling Jordan.
Make Pippen the Point Guard
Grab a new PG13

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Thanks guys! Just instinctively grabbed Allen for 90k so hopefully he either makes my team or I can flip for a profit.

Not sure how I feel about cheesing Pippen at point but will look into Arenas. Good to see his price seems to have been dropping lately. Should be around 120-130k, right? The other idea was to sell Giannis/MJ/some leftovers and grab AD/Kobe. I think I could swing it if I time it right. That is assuming Kobe drops at all, but if it’s T-Mac for some reason that’d be even better.

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That Ray Allen must be broken and not in a good way. Hes way too cheap for what he is on paper. You’ll love Arenas if you try him. Straight buckets when you get his release down, just don’t force it cuz youre gonna want to lol

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Yeah I’ve heard tons of good things about him but with all the forward at point cheesers online I’m worried about the matchups.

I think the main concern people have with Allen is his release. I haven’t had much trouble with catch and shoot in freestyle but his pull-ups are a little slow. Messed around with his dribble package a little and he has tons of cheesy dribble combos. Almost anything paired with his behind the back creates tons of space

Thanks for all the advice guys! I usually torch short pgs online so am hesitant to grab Gilbert despite his scoring ability. Also grabbed Allen to test out but he’s likely going to stay at the end of the bench.

So i got Hakeem starting over KAJ now and sold a bunch of spare pieces. Now I’m around 600k with Ralph, Kawhi/Blake/Magic w contracts to sell. Also have Moncrief with badged up w white kobes so MT isn’t really the issue anymore.

Still content on keeping Mitch and haven’t lost a game of TTO since adding Hakeem to the squad with MJ and Granger.

Now I’m thinking next move is either sell Giannis and grab AD or sell Pippen and play Giannis at the 3, but I feel like Giannis isn’t great if I don’t cheese with him tbh. Otherwise maybe PG13 for Baylor. Thoughts?

MJ is easily my favorite Anniversary 1 card. May just wait to see the next few drops and hope I can make some good flips im the meantime.

Go try pulling him now in the singles just pulled my 5th AD and 2 ray ray

Bro wtf? Lol, i didn’t pull a single ad in 30 packs

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Try 100 packs nothing. Don’t do it

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I done got 1 everyday but Saturday. I need it cause I need more MT to get to this 1000 cards.


No thanks. I chalk that down to you getting lucky. Haven’t gotten anything good in the like 200k VC I’ve used this yeat

Yea I’m just feeling lucky cause I just got Mr MIKAN.


I’ve pulled 110 packs or something like that and got nothing

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