Is 98 Lebron worth it at this point?

Wondering if I should cop the 98 Lebron.

Yes. Incredible card. Can be found for 80k with contract or 90-100k shoe/contract. He’s my longest tenured player at this point and the only way I move him is if a Pd lebron code comes.

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Yes. He’s my most consistent player. Wish I could afford the Pd

Can I get the Pink Diamond for 280k?

Yessir, he carries my team every game. He can do it all tbh. He averages 17ppg, 5.6apg on 94 games i’ve played with him.

I saw him on the AH last night for like 80k now he’s in the 100k range right now. I’m on a 220k budged and need a SG & SF.

PD TMac and Bird

I’m seriously thinking about getting that Heat Lebron to replace my 98 KD. Thoughts?

Not anymore. Yesterday you could’ve.

I don’t think Lebron is enough of an upgrade to justify being 3x as expensive as any other PD in the game.

Lebron can carry a team or sapphire and emeralds. He’s godly.

Still, literally no card is above 100k, and Lebron is going for like 300-400k.

that should tell you something.

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