Is 97 Donovan Mitchell The Real Deal budget (ish) card?



He dunks everything

Instant offense. Scores everywhere and defends bigger than he is.

Oladipo is actually. Dmitch 2nd place.

Had DMitch before and sold him. Was hoping they would drop a newer version like rookie packs or if he gets rookie of the year.

Why is Oladipo better?

Taller, better defender, better badging.


I fear Mitchell more than Oladipo. Oladipo for some reason seems to always lose the ball driving to the basket.


Tried both and prefer Oladipo.

I’ve faced Oladipo about 7x now. He is explosive on offense but when I see him defending MJ, or anyone above 6’4 it’s BBQ chicken alert. I’m talking about the easiest points imaginable. Love dunking on oladipo or saucing him for the easy 3 he plays tiny on defense. Let me add Diamond Carmelo Anthony to this BBQ chicken alert list also. Once i see him trying to guard KD or Bron It’s guaranteed points

Too short team

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