Is 86 ball handle a threshold like 86 ball control was?

Is 86 ball handle a threshold like 86 ball control was?

Diamond Giannis and Lebron has 80 ball handle and 84 with my coach. Is there any difference if it were upgraded to 86+ with a shoe? Is it the same as last year? Do you need 86 BH to speedboost?

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I think I read somewhere that this year is a combo of ball handle and swb. Not sure of the figures though

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I think the swb and ball con have to average 86

Could be wrong

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This explains it and this is the chart they have showing what ratings you need from speed and ball control to speed boost:

You need 86 speed with ball, which is calculated based on your speed and ball handling rating.


Thank u for this

I had a speed with ball shoe on ruby Lebron and a diamond coach to give him 86 speed with ball and I will say I noticed a difference, his moving in and out and other dribble moves were so much faster, I have diamond bron now and been using coach nurse with the black diamond Jordans to give him plus 3 in speed with ball and ball control and he feels just as quick with his dribbles

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What exactly is “speed boosting”?

Click the link I posted, it’s explained in the first sentence, haha

Maybe I’m dumb, but then what is the purpose of the actual “speed with ball” rating?

An example with Diamond LeBron, who has 93 Speed, 80 Ball Control, 85 Speed w/Ball:

So according to the chart his Speed w/Ball is 89.1, but then what is the purpose of the 85 rating

Good question. I have no idea. This chart definitely made with my career builds in mind because we don’t have a speed with ball rating. I didn’t realise myteam cards had a separate rating, so maybe 2k just make it up on the fly with myteam…


After further looking into this… i think this applies to mycareer only. Those players don’t have swb ratings to the chart is how it’s calculated for them

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Yeah. If myteam cards have a speed with ball rating then that’s all you have the check, haha

My understanding was that, in MyTeam, a card needs to have 86 SWB and 86 Ball Handle.


That’s interesting, I put a shoe on LeBron to give 88 SWB and 83 Ball Handle but with Coach boosts it’s 88/88 splits. Do you know if Floor General can boost SWB? I’m sure it does with Ball Handle idk about SWB though.

And also so anyone under 83 SWB (add shoe) without accounting for possible Floor General/Takeover boosts can’t reach the threshold

I don’t know for sure, but it was my understanding that that’s how the threshold works.

I’m not sure about what Floor General boosts, but I would doubt it boosts SWB.

A takeover might boost SWB, such as Playmaker or Shot Creater.

Not sure about boosts, but diamond giannis can speedboost for me in freestyle, so I think the only requirement is 86 SWB in MyTeam.

I think this is only for park bro

Maybe the threshold for speed boosting in general is 86 SWB, and higher levels of Ball Handle determines better/different dribble moves.

Yeah figured that out when someone said myteam cards have a speed with ball rating, haha. Had no idea.

Diamond Paul George has 83 swb. Are y’all saying that if I give him a +3 swb shoe 83 > 86 I’ll notice a huge difference?