Is 2K wrong for this?

Over the past 3 months, 2K advertised their Anniversary packs as “limited” implying that the packs would never return, but today they released packs that include all of the “limited” players, thus causing a gigantic market crash that screwed over all those who spent money on the previous packs and those that bought the cards from the AH.

This feels a little immoral/criminal to me, but it’s 2K so I guess we are used to it. Thoughts?

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That’s a reach.

Technically, they’re still limited, the packs do have a timer on them right?

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i def think it takes away from the market. i had like 5 cards i could sell for big MT. but superpacks destroy the market. i dont think its “criminal or immoral” though. you know how myteamers get man. always whining about something. so then we get these packs.