Is 2k worth getting rn?

I decided not to get 2k on launch this year and have recently felt like getting back into 2k and myteam, I would like to know if anyone thinks it would be worth it for me to get the game now/wait for a sale or if it would be better to just wait until 2k22 drops.

I wouldn’t be buying vc so I would basically be starting myteam no money spent with a pretty big disadvantage, so I would also appreciate it if anyone could tell me how difficult it would be to get to the point that I could build a decent team that could let me go for unlimited runs or play tto.

Game ass on current. Next Gen not bad

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I would be getting the game on next-gen, just wondering if its worth the current £64:99/84.99 price tag or if i should just wait and see if it goes on sale.

Next gen is actually really fun. if you need a basketball game in your life then 2k it is. It will go on sale shortly…

Honestly if you dont rip packs, i would recommend to just buy MT from trustworthy users here. i did that last year when switched consoles from xbox to ps4, and it was a much better investment rather than ripping packs. I was able to make the team i wanted and have fun

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I’m enjoying the game a lot on next gen.


@star5CR34M @j0nsn0ww @raptorsbenchmob Thanks for the replies, I’ll probably look to get the game in the next sale assuming its within the next few weeks. Also, @j0nsn0ww I probably won’t bother buying any mt as while I do agree with you in that it is the most reliable method to build a team I don’t plan on dumping any money other than the initial purchase cost into the game considering I plan on getting 2k22 on launch later this year and I don’t think that would be smart for me since I realistically would only be playing It for around the next 6/7 months but I appreciate the recommendation/advice you have given.


Next gen a must buy imo. It’s not perfect but it’s the best 2k I’ve played.

If you enjoy nothing but 5 out, off ball, zig zag, and Curry slide, instead of actual basketball, knock your socks off.

I may be in the minority on this, but I honestly think that this is the worst state that I’ve seen the online gameplay for 2k… and that’s saying something.


Run away—as fast as you can.

if you have nothing to do then get it. i started april 2020 for 2k20 and got all the best cards in that game at end game

I’d wait to see what season 6 is about. Lots of free cards this season that you could make a team out of. I imagine there will be more next season. One week away. But if you have anything better that you could be doing 2k is pretty much the same 2k its been for 10 years now.

Ima wait for 22/ 23. Good that i have almost completely detached from this shady game for now lol

I’m digging current gen tbh. I don’t play online of course, but there’s more offline content than ever, the rewards are really good, the market’s workable, and the game play is… a bit not great in ways, but not terrible at all.

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I only got it this year because it came to game pass

I agree with dudes above if you get matched against the meta players then it’s curry slide and run around but every now and then you get matched against a person that wants to play basketball ball and it’s a fun game

Honestly, my only real complaint about the game are these ridiculous ‘10 team players’ HoF challenges. So unfun to play. I did some more actual 2k playing that wasn’t grinding tonight and found myself having quite a lot of fun. So yeah, I’d recommend it if you’re an offline player. If you’re online, 2k is 2k, you know what you’re getting into.

I’m reaaaaaally close to eat my words and buy next gen version. I had 2k21 ps4 from a friend account, but I play in my own account. The only progress lost is MyPlayer right?

Bye to my maxed SG.

It’s free on Xbox

Get next gen for sure.

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