Is 2k smart enough to drop Lakers Opal Anthony Davis?

C’mon 2k I need a starting SF. :joy::joy:

cuh he wont be a laker

I feel like they typically save that for the next year.

Money talks :laughing:

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He already is lol

im talkin in 2k


Word yeah I agree

Porzingis is a Maverick in 2k and Bomba has a throwback they don’t care.

Do it for the culture 2k.


There’s probably some contractual agreement that does not allow them to use Anthony Davis as a Laker if the deal happened after the finals

Throwback Elite with KG heard it here first folks :eyes:

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Could be a “movers” promo after free agency


Throwforward elite with the Laker jersey lol


NBA live mobile does this a lot and I would not be surprised if 2K did this as well.

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Duo with lebron for sure. Just like magic and lebron last year

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Yea but Porz was traded during the season. The 2018-2019 season is done already

Idk what I’d do. With Drob, Kareem, Yao, then kg comes out. Decisions man.