Is 2 Million MT enough to get C Webber? From 1200

I’m at 1278 cards. If I sale my lineup right now I’ll have over 2 million Mt. do you think :thinking: that’s enough to get Webber now that the market has somewhat crashed?

You have mostly everything tbh. Might have to get those Emrrald Token Players and whatnot

How do i have mostly everything? I’m about 700 cards short of him.

I have current and most heat checks/throwbacks locked. I don’t have any jerseys and miscellaneous things so I have to buy those for sure.

I think he means you need almost everything. And he’s not wrong. I pretty much needed every card up to the warriors/rockets throwbacks


Damn that’s a lot. How much MT did it take you?

I honestly don’t remember, i pretty much sat on the auction house during every crash and bought shit.

It wasn’t fun.

Can I get it done with 2 million in this current market?

Ima just stack mt until June and see what I can do


Should’ve started during the super packs honestly.

Prices of cards have started to climb again.

Wait for next crash and it might be doable.

Aight :weary:… Was he worth it? In your opinion

I’m 2 away from CWebb pretty much have everything except basketballs from all time dom. Should get him later tonight. I’ll grind for Giannis and then there will be one hella fire sale. Thank god they don’t lock the players in for these rewards.


Honestly i’m going to get crucified for saying this…No.

But im going for JR and Giannis, he was just a bump along the road.


That’s a long time. Game is gonna be about finished then.

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Say no more. Never liked C Webb in 2k anyway. :ok_hand:t5:… I was just falling into the hype as usual.

He’s a nice card, don’t get me wrong. But i prefer Timmy, Blake or even Giannis at PF.

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What’s your starting 5?

Knowing 2k, they’ll release a comparable diamond in a couple months

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Hmm… It took me at least 3 million MT. C. Webb is nice af… Quick jumper, fast as lightning… But he can get bullied in the post sometimes. Just like every year. I’ve been running him off the bench in MTU and he dominates the game… First game was 27. Second game was 35. Off. the. bench.

How much MT did it take you? Estimate

Magic, Klay, Giannis, Blake, Timmy.

I got MJ and CP3 yesterday, but haven’t really played with them much yet.

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