Is 170k a good price for Magic with 3pt UA shoes?

Will he be cheaper tomorrow what y’all think? Fast cuz I need to put a bid

Quick guys what should I do? Lol

I’ve seen him at this price all week. It’s not a snipe but it’s a normal price.

Edit—- I have no idea if the crash will hurt him because they could release a duo with worthy and his value will skyrocket. Or they can release a 98 magic like they did to Kobe and his value will go to shit lol never know with 2k man. I have a diamond magic with high Curry’s and I’m keeping mine yolo.

wait until everyone panic sells tomorrow

Hmm so stay away ?

I put a bid fuck it got him for 165k with diamond contract and shoe and gold limitless. If no Magic tomorrow can’t see him crashing much harder than that.

140 maybe but to like 100k or so? I doubt it

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He’s an awesome card man. I’d be slightly sad if they released another diamond one but if they don’t I’d be happy with that buy , even if his price drops slightly it’s a card that won’t leave your lineup.

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This great. Everybody wants to upgrade to something better but there isn’t much better than Magic imo

Shoot that’s a great price and and awesome card. I bought the same one at the height for 434K. Too bad he won’t even command close to that price.

I dropped 32 with him in his debut 10/17 2/4 from 3pt 10/10 free throws. He’s a freaking foul magnet it’s crazy. I just hope we don’t get a better Magic tomorrow that’d suck. Since pd James is the set reward we prob don’t get a great collection just like with Giannis, great card but then they gave us a mediocre collection.

You wont. There is already a pd magic. This magic is a 97. You will be fine. Bosh will probably be released tomorrow tho

The collection would be too juiced getting pd Bron and Magic