IRL Wilt Chamberlain Discussion

I’d like to apologize to everyone here for my stupid/uneducated comments about wilt not being great because he played against “Plumbers” for the last week I’ve been doing research on him and now I truly believe that he was a much more dominant player than Shaq. I also believe he was stronger than Shaq. If he played today in his prime I think he would average 40 points easy with 17 boards. In any era no one can truly hold him. Hearing what Bill Russell thought about Wilt makes me think this even more

My favorite center is Hakeem and in the past I thought he was the best center ever. My thoughts have completely changed I now think that Wilt Chamberlain aka Wilt the Stilt aka George Marcus is the greatest Center of all time and a top 7 player of all time no doubt!


My favorite interview with him, I love how he cracks jokes and Bill Russels laugh is just amazing.

He talks about how he would merk todays league.



Wilt is not Human. :rofl:

He was def made in the lab bruh same lab as lbj

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Apology accepted.

Lmao Thanks brother :joy:

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Wilt was the first “Giannis” in the league. Simply amazing.

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Other positions were very weak compared to today, but center position in Wilt’s era was stacked, way better than today.
If anything, I actually see Kareem as overrated because he spent all of his prime in by far the weakest era of NBA and still managed to win only 1 ring as the option. Even missed the playoffs during his prime.
For someone who’s often pushed into GOAT discussions, that’s unacceptable.

To me, Wilt would probably be the GOAT if he actually didn’t fuck around with things like not wanting to score whole season long and such.
Like this, he’s second.

Yea bro I seen where ppl was criticizing him for scoring to much so he dedicated a whole season to being the assist leader and he did.

Man Kareem would try his sky hook and wilt would just take off vertically like rockets were in his shoes and swat that shit. I believe like many others he could indeed grab the top of the backboard with ease with that 48 inch vert

7’1 with a 48 inch vert could bench 500lbs bruh wtf

Was there even 3sec rule when wilt play…

I was the same, but then I watched a ton of WCA and it turned my opinion around, not just on wilt but also bill, West, Thurmond, and Johnson

He was like 35 when he faced Kareem and they were still pretty evenly matched.

Carlo, you’re a clown, gtfo from serious discussions.
You literally said that AD is a better player than Tim and KG.


Yeah he could sky, and it was in old ass converse shoes, those are tough to jump in

Cause he is better overall player…and look at film ad is more skilla any pf play the game not accomplishment wise…and silt wasnt on shaq level even joke there in same sentence. Shaq with no 3sec rule legit broke the nba and had get rule change to stop him… saying more dominated is redicious and wild

@Carlo221 please stop


Also Wilt could hit from range consistently

They also changed a lot of rules to stop wilt

Very true he was so dominant a lot of shit got changed because it was unfair to others lmao

He also said Allen Iverson 4 places above Kobe on the GOAT list.

Immediete disqualification.


Bruh gtfo with that nonsense. You sound like someone who started watching ball in the last 2-3 years with comments like that lol

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