IRL - Who you wanna defend?

Alright, so imagine it’s 3v3. You got Lance Stephenson (Pacers Prime) and Rajon Rondo (when he didn’t give a shit about playing) and yourself. On the other team is Jason Williams, Scal, and the last person you have to guard. If you had to pick of the following three players that you would have to guard (all of these players would be in their prime) who are you picking and why?


Remember, the person from the list above is who you have to guard.

Kobe no cause he can do what MJ does on offense and even more (3pt shooting)

Lebron no cause I don’t want to get hit by this train

I’m going to say Jordan… Sigh…

Lebron. At least he will stuff a few assists in there instead of taking every shot.

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But honestly, Lance and Rondo are huge Dbags to let me guard the best player :joy:


Jordan, because I’d be guarding no one as he’s in minor league baseball :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Kobe bc he takes the worst quality shots of the three


Kobe, because we can triple team him and he still won’t pass the rock.


usually made them too lol

Great minds… lol

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Kobe so I can say I guarded the goat.

sits back, gets popcorn, laughs maniacally


Dude literally missed more shots in his career than Stockton attempted in his. :pensive::face_vomiting:

MJ. He’s the shortest guy and primes considered, he’s the worst deep shooter here. Of course he could hit that turn around middy in my eye all day long, but at about 6’4 225, I can at least wave at a few of them lmaoo

Before the buff 2K considered this as “lightly contested”. Lmao


Stockton was a facilitator of the NBA - which is why he’s considered one of the greatest PG’s. SG and PG completely different

MJ and Kobe are both 6’6".

Jordan is 6’6 not 6’4

Kobe also more finals W’s in his career than Stockton even attempted in his.


Kobe has the record for most shots missed in the entire NBA.

That means almost nothing. He had an exceptionally long career as a volume scorer.

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