IRL favorite players lineup

If you had to assemble a lineup of your all-time favorite players, what would it look like?

Doesn’t matter if they are useable in game or not, just keep the position restrictions.

This would be mine:


Replace Duncan with shaq and dam we have similar taste

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I would also have to find a spot for Kobe, baron might be out

I like Shaq too. D-Rob and Shaq would be my 14th and 15th players.

White chocolate is gone for Steve franchise as well

And Steve would be my 16th :laughing:

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18.melo (you can tell which one by the rest of the list)

Edit: if I’m allowed reggie

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Yeah, Pip and VC would be in my top 20 too.


Klay Thompson
Steve Nash
Larry Johnson
Baron Davis

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Big Heat fan FYI

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My favorite irl squad was definitely made for 2k19 with no position restrictions and 6 centers :joy:

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Man, I’m sorry I forgot my boy Gil. Agent zero gets a spot

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Something like this

honorable mentions: Bam Adebayo, Ray Allen, T-Mac, Tim Duncan, Bosh, Ben Wallace

Funny how people say I hate Lebron , he is really one of my favorites… I have Jordan ahead of him as the GOAT and he don’t even make the list

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Say you didn’t use 2kmtc to create a lineup…

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Im on my team community for years and I still don’t know where people do does nice pics with the lineup :rofl:

Enjoy bro :joy:

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One year later ahah