Invincible Grant Hill TTO

Is he on TTO Boards now?

Should be if servers are fine

Got him 2nd try up. Pretty nice card.

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Really? Why do I only see Clarkson & Randle on my board. Is that normal?

Play a game and it reset to the new board.

I love winning and getting a loss in TTO it’s my favorite.

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Finally got him. Cleared 3 boards last night didn’t even see him. 1st board today. I got both.


I’ve cleared 6 boards since the season came out and I haven’t even seen hill wtf :joy: only gotten the gladiator pack once and the 10 tokens 4 times and my mate got bill in his first board on the 10th game gotta love the RNG

It took me about 6 or 7 boards. Damn good card. I didn’t like the OOP like that, but I also just used him for the XP and sold him.

When you get his release down he is legit. Release not as bad as I thought. His rim running and defense is elite elite. Crazy he’s free. He would be 150k MT card.


Hard to win today keep getting error coded.

Yeah…I’m loving the new G Hill card for every reason that you stated.

I’ve cleared 9 boards now and haven’t seen him even on the few loses I’ve taken I’m close to giving up on getting him

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He actually exists :joy:

I got him on my 11th board all 10 games complete, no loses halfway thru lmao I can clearly see RNG isn’t on my side


He plays like a free pippen for

just got him on my 5th board, def a good card but idk what his role will be on my team

alright i’m getting ready to go into my tier 3 boards… can someone explain to me how exactly to do that one method where you guaranteed to get him? like you restart app or something and you get more ball drops… thanks in advance!

alright word of advice… if you don’t lose a single game going all the way up the board, you’ll only get 1000 mt for tier 3…

IVE DONE IT 3 TIMES NOW. cleared whole board without ONE loss and ALL 9 tier 3 prizes have been 1000 mt. they could put 7’7 Lu Dort goat and i still don’t think i’d play this dog water game mode.


OMG this Grant Hill is actually a monster

I was like meh I’ll never get him and if I did he not making my team anyway his shots too slow he trash. I was wrong his shot is actually smooth af and he’s soooo damn fast on both ends of the floor. He gets insane blocks and steals for me he’s everywhere.

2k blessing me all day today with RNG. Played 1 board, 2nd overall for the season and got him on the final game of another 10-0 run. Also hit him first ball.

Might make the end of the bench for his defence. Loved the OOP but my SG is stacked with SJ Bron and Manute.

Got 2x on the same board after playing a bot.