Investing and selling the PD MJ mt/Tips needed

I was one of the lucky bastards to pull PD MJ from the free jordan challenge packs.(after 2 years of ass blasting from 2k)
I have been excited to try out some new cards.
Currently trying this lineup:

Di West
Di Jordan
Di Pippen
Di Bird
Di Kareem

Di Payton
Di T-mac
Di Hondo
Di Malone
Pd Thurmond

Before pulling and selling mj I already had most of these cards.
Planning to save around 1-1,5 mil MT for a prime kawhi and potential surprises and still have well over 1 mil mt to sell.

I have never sold or bought mt. I would appreciate any tips on how to do transactions safely without getting banned.
I have a paypal account and understood that transactions are best to do in small sizes? Like 25k mt for a ruby card etc?
Any tips are welcome

Can you do 20€/100k MT? I have not bought MT yet but at this price I may consider it. And also would like to know how do people do it. The best and safest way.

Price sounds good. Lets wait for some more tips. From my understanding, you put 4 cheap rubys up for like 25k mt and i buy them and you send me 20e via paypal. We just have to agree who goes first and other details. I think well get some more useful tips

You should not count on me buying, I just have had that thought but I think I´m alright for now. Just have to grind some MT and keep a lookout for prices of some cards that I´m interested. 100k MT would just make it so much easier for me to go for them. But Idk if it´s worth spending any money on the game anymore. But we´ll see.

Ok. No problem. Just let me know if you become interested

Be very careful, u might get a few people who will try to take your MT with a post like this. You can clearly see some great buyers on the site. Just make sure to look out for them and ask for vouchers.

Thanks for the tip man

+rep, legit seller

Message me if you are unsure of a buyer’s rep — I can help weed out the phonies.

Alright, thanks man :pray:

Assuming this is PS4, I might buy some MT depending on the next promo. There may be a card I can’t resist. I assume I have a decent rep in buying and selling on here. Never scammed a soul.

I haven’t had any problems purchasing mt using rubies at 50k. And I’ve spent a lot on VC and MT. I probably should be in the support group thread lol. I had my first seller ask me to use cheap Amy’s but that dents the buyers profits. Rubies are perfectly safe. I even had my last seller buy my rubies at 100k bin. It’s up to you though


Yeah PS4. Only encountered legit buyers so far.still have MT remaining. Depends on the promo how much.

If you have 100-200k to sell tomorrow let me know lol. I may need some

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Alright :+1:

Just bought 100k from him. Quick and easy transaction. Thanks again @nordic_buddha

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