Interview tips?

This is totally not 2k related but i’m sure we got some members around who has the experience to give some advice - if you’re interviewing for a lead position (potentially one man army), you have the technicals down but you been more of a follower thru out your career to this point…

What would you do to impress those two guys who are staring at you thru that zoom meeting? :joy:

Probably not the best place to get interview advice but hey, maybe we get some different perspectives!


Time for mw2 skills to shine

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Be natural. Don’t rush with jokes, hands in the table… these kind of things.
Use your time to answer, is a lot better to wait in silence for a good response instead of doing “eeeeeeeehm…”.

Luck for you!


When guys go on dates they are: oh no what if she doesn’t like me. They go to prove they are worthy. They should ask a different question - is that girl good enough for me? The same goes with jobs. Try not to seem like they are giving you the chance of your life. Remember all the things you bring like your skills, qualifications, experience and so on. Do not go there only to try to convince them that your a good candidate. Go there to see if they deserve such a good emplyee. Don’t be afraid to ask questions like… Do people working here enjoy their work? What aspects do they enjoy most?


better yet let them know I snipe in 2K too

Definitely will think about this over the weekend; thanks man!

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I love that mentality. You can win a lot of points doing this questions in the interview.

Be prepared. Think about what questions you would ask if you were then and rehearse your answers. Have a friend or loved one interview you and have them give you honest feedback. Rehearse in front of a mirror.

Research the company or organization and know a little background on them. Know who the CEO or manager is. Look to see if there are any recent news articles on them.

Be at least 15 minutes early. Know where you are going a head of time. Drive there a couple days prior. The last thing you want is to assume you know where you are going and not being able to find the building. If you can drive there during the time you are actually going to drive there for the interview so you know if there may be a lot of traffic or what not. (Just read that it’s over Zoom but I’m still going to leave this for someone else that might find it helpful).

Make sure your computer is ready and connected to the internet. Make sure your background isn’t distracting to then. Dress to impress. First impressions go a long way.

Think of key words that you will want to use. If it’s a “one man Army” then I would use words like self-starter, time management, independent, things like that. Use the word leader instead of manager.

It was already mentioned but it’s a great tip. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Have a question prepared because they are probably going to ask you at the end of the interview if you have any questions.

One of my favorite questions that they can ask is “why should we hire you compared to everyone else that’s applying?”
Respond with something like “I don’t know everyone that’s interviewing for this position so I can’t speak on them but what I can tell you is what my strengths are and what you can expect to get from me…” This is an honest and humbling answer and allows you to highlight your traits and throw in those key words that we talked about.

Another good question they might ask is “what are some of or one of your weaknesses?” Don’t respond with “I work to hard.” That’s a BS answer. Be honest. Say “one of my weaknesses is time management. I believe I am still good with time management and I always get things done before the deadline but I believe that everyone can work and improve on something and for me it would be time management.”

At the end thank them for there time and the opportunity.

Good luck my man!


Show them your lineup.


Who says one dont get good career advice from 2kg :goat: thanks for the advice and your time in putting out the message man

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For reference sir, anything you ask on this forum will likely receive good responses :joy:. We are 2K nuts, but we are also humans. You need anything, feel free to ask. Glad you got some awesome responses!


As a person who was / is behind the desk for interviews plenty of times, i can honestly say people asking almost no questions (beside money) has a no go for me. Better the questions, more i’m attracted to person. Knowing & being able to express your weaknesses is also a huge factor.

There are a lot of good advices ^here. Carefully read.


Actually that is my second round interview and i know they are okay with my technicals, just they also expressed that they’d be waiting a guy with more leadership exp. Still given me a second round interview tho.

In a situation like that, is there anything as an interviewer that you would like to hear from the candidate that would give you the confidence to buy in with him/her?

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Proof of dedication & need for the job. Not in a desperate way but more like in the natural flow of life. Make em know you’ve accomplished everything as an individual and want to lead people. You should proove that you’ll commit to your duty as a step up in your life. You should show you want to be leader, ready for this step mentally.


Think about the leadership experience you have had in the past and how it can be applied to the position that you are trying to get. A question they might ask is what has been your biggest leadership challenge in the past. That can be a tough question and one that will require some deep thought. I am sure a lot of the questions will be geared toward that then. Think about what leadership means to you and how to express that clearly. Leadership and management or totally different so like I said before avoid the word manager or management and use leader and leadership.

Someone that can clearly articulate what their leadership style is and how they lead is important. Anyone can be a manager but not everyone can be a leader. As a leader I always try to be clear in my directions and in what I need from everyone else. You obviously have the competencies they are looking for which can make you a more competent leader as well.


Definitely wear a tux and bring a homie

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Ask meanfull questions related to the position and your day to day. Use your questions to highlight skills that you have that would make you ideal for the role.

Something like, what kind of training program do you internally have in place for new hires that would be joining my team? Currently I am running a training once per week with employees who are not pacing or are “at risk” with the goal of accelerating their growth through 1 to 1 peer training. ( you would know in this senerio that training is a massive issue they have had snd maficially you now solve a problem… making you more valuable) … so on an so forth.

also some pointers to think about

  • when speaking to someone or listening make eye contract ( even fake shake your head a bit to agree with whatever bullshitter inevitably spewing out)
  • 99% of people do this in an interview due to nerves but they speak incredibly fast and sometimes missed questions because they’re hyped up and not really listening they might get part of a question and not the full question. There’s no harm in taking a deep breath and speaking extra slow, uncomfortably saw because in real world application it’s not slow you’re just moving quickly for that moment.

This along with everything that you do should show confidence because even if you’re not the perfect candidate in some areas so feel they can mold you into the right employee they hire you.

I’ll give this analogy would you rather have a 17-year-old star basketball player who has reached his absolute potential which all star let’s say OR someone who has the potential to be three times as good as the player I mentioned but at the moment is far worse due to lack of experience, and coaching?

I’d say most people would take the Raw talent - that should always be you my guy.

Hope that helps and good luck! PS if you want more one to one help I’ve done interview prep before for a smallish fee.


I always like to remember that if you’ve made it to the interview process, you’re already qualified for the job. The interview is more so to get a feel for who you are as a person & if they think they would want to work with you on a daily basis.

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Maintain eye contact and posture. Always make sure to use their most professional title when addressing them

And most of all bring the energy

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Some small practical things since this is over Zoom:

  • Test out your setup ahead of time with a friend over Zoom. Make sure mic is good, and all that. Try out and find optimal camera angle and distance. Lighting! Test even though you’ve been using. Make sure no snafus or setting changes made recently give you tech problems.

  • Consider not using webcam mic but a decent external. And not mobile phone headset or wireless earbud headset.

  • Put a note on your screen to Look Up. You have to stare at your camera to “make eye contact.” If you do natural thing and look at them on screen, you won’t be looking “at” them. Force yourself to look at the camera.

Superficial stuff but still meaningful and conducive to maximizing effectiveness of your presentation.

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