Internet Issues (Not Server Related)

I’m not sure if anyone can help me out, I’m not the most techy guy though when it comes to internet and fixing it.

We’ve got our modem hooked up along with an Apple time capsule that we use to run our internet through and this morning I woke up to the capsule blinking orange as opposed to it staying solid green.
I’ve contacted our internet company and had them reset our modem three times and the capsule continues to blink orange.
I’ve unplugged it and it still won’t work. It says that there’s no DNS server but I’m not sure what that means. I’ve never really had this happen and not sure what to do at this point. Maybe someone here has experience with this?

Nah this isn’t servers. This is my own internet not working.

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Yea sorry so many people were posting and I didn’t read it lol

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But in a related topic it could be your router that needs replacing. I’d call tech support and see if they can ping it from there system.

The Time Capsule is a Router / Wi-Fi Access Point with built-in Network Attached Storage (backup).

You should try to find a manual and see if you can find a section that will tell you what the blinking light might indicate, as an error.

I would assume that something has malfunctioned in it’s routing and/or WiFi functionality. (Don’t know if your ISP modem has a built-in router or not, or whether or not you’re using it instead and/or the Time Capsule’s.)

Assuming that the router/WiFi aspect(s) of it are broken, you may need to get a new Router with WiFi AP. I.e. an Air Port.

It’s also possible that your ISP modem has Router/WiFi AP functionality built in. And you just use that and continue to use the Time Capsule by connecting it to the Modem/Router by Ethernet cable (I assume it has a port and can function this way).

Fortunately, I figured it out earlier! I just had to literally unplug everything and left it unplugged for like 30 minutes. After that, it worked again.

Hahaha. Fuck you for not updating!

J/K. Glad you sorted it. With modems and routers, “power cycling” is the #1 thing to try. And there should be no distinction between having it unpowered for 10 seconds vs. 10 minutes or longer.

Unless there is some sort of mechanical/electrical issue and/or one related to excessive heat.

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