Interesting topic on how much MJ would average Today?

So, Jalen Rose was saying MJ could average 10 more today. Idk if I buy it completely, but hes close. I think in todays league, with hands off d, and more possessions hed roughly average around 6 more points. Heres the things to consider. Mj faced triple teams, hand checking past the three, zones in the seattle/utah/knicks series. With all that in mind he was still able to average 30 or more. His vertical was between probably 45 and 48, and dude ran like giannis, had kawhi klaws, and had more go to moves than probably anyone. Anyways what are your thoughts? Heres Jalens thoughts btw.

Players nowadays are also wayyy more athletic lmao it goes both ways


Back then you could not soft double team a player without the ball so that may work to cancel out some of the pace and other rule advantages of this era. He probably averages similar but with more assists as non superstar players of this era are significantly better than those of his era.

hed average 18 ppg


Idk if i buy that. I mean yes, they appear more athletic, but also how athletic can you appear if you cant be touched? For instance, magic johnson if you watch him was pretty fast but that was negated by a supreme defender in scottie pippen. Notice how hes allowed to bump and hand check 94 feet out. This a technical foul today (jk).

30 ppg easy MJ could adapt to anything. Man played when he had the flu. He’s the goat come on now

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dishwasher bum john starks was considered a lockdown defender in that era

Guys look at how insanely physical this defense was! Trey Burke would totally not average 25 ppg against this defense!

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Also can mods remove the “interesting topic” part of this thread title before we get “interesting topic on lebron vs mj” post titles?

It’s almost as if driving lanes never open up in today’s game

People forget this man averaged what like 37 ppg one year and made 11 three pointers… if he played now he’d have a three ball… and he’d kill it, even if he didn’t have a three ball it didn’t matter he did what he wanted… but players back then weren’t friends with the other teams players… they wanted to win every game… it shows watching games then from now

“torches plumbers”

lmao im so dead


I’m not acting like today’s game is more physical
Obviously defenders back then could get away with more
But also my god people overrate how physical defense was back then lmao by the way you hear people describe it you’d think it was football without the pads and a helmet until you actually watch actual game tape lmao

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Sportstalkbarry is the goat​:joy::joy:

Whos better than who? From that era? From this era? People undermine the players of jordans era. Whens the last time you seen a clyde, a dominique, a shaq, d rob, hakeem, prime penny, barkley, g.p. malone. I mean athletic ability in any era is completely subjective. Unless your from the 20s. But still, just because were in a time were we think things are superior all across the board dont mean that they are.

Love seeing old school stuff like this. Even being 21, I still love going back and looking at these 80-90s greats. These players were a little more limited in their games, but were fucking amazing at their roles. Magic wasn’t always the best shooter, but he did what I feel not enough guys do today, he took advantage of having an all time great teammate like Kareem and refined his inside game to go along with his passing.

While I wouldn’t call Scottie a “complete” scorer like Michael was, similar to kawhi, he used his strength on both ends to put the ball on the floor, running the offense like the video cited, and finished strong all on top of being one of the best perimeter defenders in this games history. Sorry for the off topic tangent :sweat_smile: the video has me rambling thoughts.

Jordan rules were designed to beat his a$$ lol. Yeah it was probably more physical than todays football. Lol

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Why does the adaptation argument only apply to 90s players theoretically playing in today’s era and not vice verse lmao
You guys really think Lebron (a 6’8 250 pounds of mostly muscle SF) would fold in the 90s just because a 6 foot gas station attendant put his pinky finger against his shoulder or something?