Interesting Story about Craig Hodges

Interesting Story about Craig Hodges

So I’m just scrolling thru twitter and I come across a post about the NBA needing to pay for what they did to Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

And like many of you, I have also heard the story of him being black balled.

But I came across A comment about Craig Hodges and wow I’ve never heard this one

He was also black balled. Very interested read

Here’s the link if you guys wanna read

Really dope how he stood up for ppl that couldn’t stand for them selves. Def gained another fan !


Before anyone call him a bum or sumn please do your research he was key to two of the Chicago bulls championships

Bringing this kind of conversation onto the table must be hard at the time. Nothing but respect.

Didn’t he win the 3 point contest 1 of those years with the Bulls?

Exactly with no one backing you had to be tuff, that’s why I respect it so much

I think Craig won 3 times in a row only he and larry have won 3 in a row if I remember correctly

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He won the last one in an NBA jersey cuz he was a free agent at the time. It was wild

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Man that shit is awesome… thought Abdul Rauf was the only one

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I never knew this, I thought he just retired. Messed up how they did him.