Interest on mt

Interest on mt

Just a thought,

So the auction house is already a stock market as is, wouldn’t it be cool if for every day (week, month) we played the game we earned 1% interest on the mt we have? Would be easier for people to maintain mt points to get new players instead of wasting it all.

Negatives (For 2k and players):

  • Doubt they would do this because it could reduce spending

  • selling mt would be much easier for the big ballers @Cobra4059 @Knezius

  • Credit: @Benand1 prices could inflate for certain players


  • MT would be a lot cheaper

  • Budget ballers can earn modest amounts of mt just by playing

  • Could offset the 10% auction sale reduction just by playing for a few days

If you have any thoughts or ideas about this good or bad please share. Please don’t just say “2k are money grabbers”, i know that and addressed it

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The 2k tax is there to prevent the market from increasing consistently.

If they gave interest on mt then the richer would get richer and it would price the poor out of the market


Would not work because it encourages people to sit on large amounts of MT. This would mean less activity in the Auction house, less competition for cards which drives the price down.

The best thing they could do would be to do away with the 10%. Then if you flip a card you know that you are making all profit if you manage to grab something for below market value.

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They could cap the amount earned at a certain level like 5k mt per day once you get over 500k.

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This could lead to price fixing however. Even though it already exists

I think prices would likely go up not down in this case

they might give it to u at 1% per annum :joy:

not so QE QE

2k wants to make money from people ripping packs, for that they need two things:
Cards people want
A large player base.

They want to increase the number of people playing so that they get more revenue from pack sales, if someone starts playing at around the all-star break then they are at a huge disadvantage, even if you cap it, it’s still an advantage, and we all know 2k wants to cater to the newbie (equalizer)

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It could encourage people to start playing consistently tho, like daily spins, and would increase the user base imo. It would definitely be an advantage to big ballers, but they could limit it to even like 1k which is minimal enough because you can earn that much by playing 2 weekly challenges or a few ttoff games

I’m sorry I don’t understand the meaning of this post lol, could you elaborate?

If I were to guess, risd is saying that 2K might give us 1% annually (which is yearly I think), as for QE I believe it’s

QE= Quarterly Earning

But I don’t know

Oh maybe 1% per year lol

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sorry i meant quantitative easing, that has lowered interest rates


We still have contracts and you want them give this? :sweat_smile:

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So are you for or against? We definitely won’t get it just curious because every other aspect in the AH is like stocks

Why would i be against it? It would make pricy card even more pricier.

Mt selling prices could go down if it was more easily attainable

The auction house is not like stocks…it is like an auction house. If you look at each card as an individual product then it is exactly the same as any auction. Older stuff loses value over time unless it’s part of a collection that has some value outside of the actual use of the card

It’s almost reversed but it is definitely like a market. Prices vary depending on pack drops, the difference is only a very small amount of cards appreciate in value and it’s hard to predict that

A Monthly tax return of 3% on your players sold would be cool lol

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