Interest in more year end theme tournies or friendlies?

I’m probably not gonna play 2k20 until the all star break, so I’d love to have a way to keep using the year end cards now that everything has been released

Just gauging the level of interest for things like:

  1. All throwbacks (not even throwback elite) tourney with one up, one down position restriction

  2. KOK rules tourney
    For those that don’t know, KOK is all time teams with position and tier restrictions. In short, players must play primary or secondary position listed on 2kMTCentral. Teams may have 1 GO, 2 PD, 2D, and 3 Amy cards. These rules lead to some really interesting roster decisions and it’s a great way to mix things up.

  3. All time team tourney with no tier restrictions (as many opals and PDs as you please) but one-up, one-down position restriction

Anything sound fun?

I’m thinking if there’s a lot of interest, it’s a good idea to make teams now before the auction house dies and cards become scarce.


God Squad Tourney

That’s basically MTU lol

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Yeah but its not with randoms

Maybe god squads with one up, one down position restriction?

Would be slightly more interesting


You are speaking my language in this thread

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I’d be down for ps4

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Even if we can’t organize a tourney, could still do friendlies if enough people are interested to make putting together teams worthwhile

All throwbacks would be pretty easy since many have locked those already

KOK rules make for the most interesting teams (so many decisions to make) but those can be harder to put together bc so many squads need reward cards or rarer moments cards to make their best roster. Best to work on those while cards are still in the AH.


So many different ways to play still

Position and height restriction

This all PG tournament is so amazingly fun (way more than I expected)

Era tournament etc


Down for whatever

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I really want to do all current cards for a tourney. Would be fun to use some of those old cards. Throwback sounds cool too.

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This right here

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Yea this would be WAY better than MTU

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Yeah could actually use so many more cards

Would be fun af

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Throwbacks only = Ruby and below

That actually sounds fun

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A No Opal Turney would hit too imo

Yer I’m keen az for tourneys but it’s a shame no aus nz server my team guys wanna challenge themselves

I really thought we’d have an end of year tournament across all platforms to say goodbye to this year.

So sad.

Yeah, I really want to use the early cards from this year.