Intercepting passes

I’m struggling against players who are extremely good at intercepting passes. I rely on fast breaks to a large extent and those interceptions ruin everything. I’m trying to adjust by being patient and slowing down the tempo, but even passes that appear 100% sometimes get stolen. Two questions:

  1. How do they do it?
  2. How do I make sure my passes go through
  1. That’s pure skill, guessing who you gonna pass and they usually leave one man open and trap you into it.

  2. Use bounce pass, it’s magical.

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Switch your Icon Passing settings to Pass Type Control. Gives you so much more control over the type of pass you want to throw.

Double tap an icon to bounce pass. Hold an icon to throw an overhead/lob. Utilize flashy passes to get the ball up court quick with the right guys also (high passing stats, HoF Break Starter, HoF Flashy).


They have to guess common patterns and just try abuse the fact that they have to user the player they try intercept with. This might mean you have to push with the ball handler to make them play honest


I would be more worried about this fact…

This game can fucm you over in so many ways, like hey there is a guy standing in the corner and the next opponent is in the paint. I pass to him for the open 3.
*presses pass and watches said player to drive into the zone and opponent to close in for the pass to arrive at the exact time the opponent is between your player and the ball like a fuckin solar eclipse

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This is a thing??? Oh wow. Doing this immediately

I realized this about my own game and started exploiting others for it:
a lot of times guys will have 1 or 2 players they love to throw cross court passes with. for most its magic or a center with good passing. Either that or they have 1 or 2 guys with high fastbreak tendency who they look for primarily when trying to take advantage of fast breaks.

So to target these people you who they use to start the break
2.who they usually target down the court.

If they’re abusing you on the break do not play physical or press defenses it’ll only get worse. Just play back and be slow

From there you’re only a few steals away from tilting them into uncomfortable passes and bad decisions.


I usually just walk the ball up the court and hold L2. These guys usually are spam reaching at the half court line so somebody will be open on the backside. Plenty of times I bring it up with a center and score with them.


That is indeed an issue on its own… I need to embrace a playbook and learn it well. Anything you’d recommend?

Funny thing, I was in this thread minutes ago… There is all you need to know in it. Been using the pb all year.

Thanks! That is a nice post…

Wow never know of this.

They are typically baiting you. Mix it up as to how you bring the ball up the court. By the mid 2nd quarter most good defensive players will have you completely figured out where you like to outlet pass to, or even just how you pass up the court after a made basket.

Sometimes pass up the court immediately, sometimes just bring the ball up with one of your handlers who stayed in the backcourt.

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