Intentional horrific matchmaking

Is it a known fact that 2k has intentional piss poor matchmaking to frustrate players into trying to spend money for the op cards like galaxy simmons? How is it possible for an 82 overall team without even any pds to get matched to a squad featuring the dumbest card in the game. Not only did this guy have that but he was also running a jeff green thon combo, the game is beyond trash and 12-0 rewards are an insane idea which ruins the mode.

On to doom eternal I go. I’ll be back for the historical collection and the platinum and then no more 2k ever unless they somehow do a 180 and fix their crap.


Matchmaking should be connection based and random. No one games the system and no need to dumb down your lineup.


Yes. It’s called Player Engagement.

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You dont have the cards to make a team higher than 82 overall?

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Fam you shouldn’t be online with an 82 ovr

Matchmaking is horrible. Unless you’re down to waste hundreds of hours grinding or spend thousands on cards, this mode might not be for you.

I’d get out now if I were you.

I do but the game makes you want to mess with the overall to get a shot at going 12-0, that’s my main issue, the dumb 12-0 cards. I just think opal should bring the overalls up higher especially ben simmons that card is insane. I dont have any of the super op cards since im going for collector level for the plat so my best cards are prob opal Duncan and smith, if I run those guys I’ll be facing that card for sure on a 12-0 attempt.

82 overall fun to play with if you do it right. Lol

Run 86/88. Juicy top 5. Rest bronze. Get some money plays. Might get lucky and go 12-0. It’s tough. I lost a game the other day cuz my power went out lol

And this mode would be fun if it werent for the 12-0 that just makes the game so much worse imo. Best I got was 7-0.

Yeah it’s also just annoying because ben simmons really isnt that great irl so it just pissed me off worse, if it was lebron or something I could at least stomach it more.

I like match making. I get excited when I see that 82 overall

I think what’s important is we understand we really can’t win every game. If we lose a game it’s not the end of the world. Just the end of your 12-0 run. If you REALLY want the player of the month just get someone to do it for you. 20 bucks. Done deal. Then u can play stress Free

The most valuable cards in the game for going 12-0 are fully EVO’d cards that started low and are really good. PD Lin…

Lol yeah I guess I’ll run a high 80s going forward and just try to evo my pippen for fun knowing I’ll never go 12-0. But more likely I’ll just grind for harden offline. I finally got sabonis so maybe I can try him as well.

I do have PD lin so maybe I’ll try him out in a lineup.

I use a full lineup of the best players I have and I want to punch some of these dudes in the face that intentionally run Thon Maker, Jeff Green, Lance Stephenson etc…I dont even have control of my players and nothing goes right due to EQ because these guys want to cheat. One card in their lineup is worth 500 K, yet they are unknowingly running 2 K cards all while cheesing in every way possible on the court? Yup.

I don’t blame them to be honest… Jeff Green and Thon Maker are better than most opals

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Yeah I will stop going that method because it hasnt even worked anyway so it’s full on lame. Thon maker and reddish are so meh in real life so using them just feels cheesy af. I’ll just run opal timmy opal josh smith evo pippen Danny Granger and maybe PD lin, but maybe diamond simmons in case I run into the tall op pg cards.

Lance too. Running those guys isnt cheating. Yall being petty :joy::joy:

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