Inside/finishing badges

Whats the most important inside badges for someone who isn’t a pure slasher and just has a 70 dunk? Not sure if contact finisher is the move if I dont get contact dunks, not sure what slippery does since the badge never triggers, I dont think I’ll need fancy footwork cuz idk if abusing hop step is realistic on a guy who’s 6’5". What 2 inside badges are a must have for this kind of player?

I’d still go consistent and contact if you don’t use fancy for hop steps. Even if you’re not dunking on people it’ll help with layups in traffic. I only use those 3 badges on my Lamar Odom build.

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Thank you, ill go with that. I heard slippery kind of pushes people away when you drive but I didn’t notice.

Fancy is nice for driving and kicking out to open teammates

Really? Doesn’t sound like it by the description, not that I don’t believe you.

the hop steps get you further inside the paint and people tend to collapse

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I would recommend contact finisher personally. I have a 98 slashing playmaker (only get contact dunks when I’m a 99) and contact finisher is really good for me. I keep fancy footwork equipped on bronze. According to what I’ve seen, fancy footwork does not change your hop/euro animations, it just increases how stunned your defender is by these moves.

I dont have a slasher build, only 70 dunk. Would that badge still be useful?

since were talking about badges, which looks better:

  1. HOF Clamps, HOF Intimidator


  1. Gold Clamps, Gold Intimidator, Silver Pick Dodger

Boy scout badge!

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I would still say yes. It’s a very good badge in my experience. I personally like slithery finisher as well, you may prefer that. Contact finisher does not only activate on dunks, it will also be helpful for any tough layups etc.

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Ok thanks for the input

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I would go HOF clamps and intimidator. One of my friends is about to hit legend so I tend to yield to his advice and he says pick dodger is useless this year. I’m a huge fan of both clamps and intimidator. You will always be able to guard ball with that combo if you teammates want to go that route.

I agree, I feel like those 2 on HOF would go a long way. Plus, everyone loves PD Wade and he doesn’t have any form of pick dodger.

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You can’t get HOF defensive badges on this build. You can only do HOF badges on the primary archetypes you choose


I want HOF shooting badges but I’d have to sacrifice something. What do you think? Alot of people don’t like difficult shots but I want to be able to pull up off the dribble.

Gold Catch and Shoot
Gold Range Extender
Gold Deadeye
Gold Quickdraw
Silver Green Machine
Gold Hot Zone Hunter
Gold Difficult Shots

2k labs says difficult shots doesn’t do much at all this year. I didn’t even put it on bronze.

I have HZH, QD, C&S, RE, Deadeye all on HOF

Deadeye is the least valuable of those so if you want a dif badge drop that down, and if you need more drop c&s.

At the very least you should have HZH and RE on HOF

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