Insane duo pd Howard and amy nelson

Find out pd Howard go to a opal of course but the reason for this thread is amy jameer nelson card he also go to a opal.he is a 92 amy point guard and he boost up three tiers to a opal. What the heck . I got them both for 6k so that’s a big w in my book for people who on a budget.

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+219 for Nelson is crazy

Only thing holding me back is Nelson’s height and no HOF badges


Hell i didn’t grind for hours to use a Nelson card no matter even if he goes to Zeus.


You will use Jameer and you will like it!


I don’t like Big-Mac :grimacing:

Fam you can get Go Lonzo for 25k. Why would you want Nelson. That’s like downgraded vanvleeet card and he’s like 8k rn

Yes. Can make any team right now. Cant wait to settle in and build my final squad.


I tried jammer early in the year and liked him so I can vouch. Also dotn forget his alley oopery skills

We in the point of the game I just trying out cards . It still people that still don’t have mt like that or started late and can use this card. For 2k to boost this card up so much. It for a reason and can be one of the hidden glicthy cards.

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Go Howard 4.1k Go Jammer 1.5k :sweat_smile:

Probably will try this with a magic all time squad

To cheap to pass up and after watch dbg video and was talking about this card change to a opal. I couldn’t believe it!!! Usually a card go up by 1 or 2 but not that much.

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Can Dwight shoot 3s

Nope. Which is garbage

Unless at this point. Which sounds weird to say.

One thing I’ve noticed and idk if they did this on purpose, all of the amethyst duos from this batch will probably get sharp takeover, meaning all those gold shooting badges go to hof

Needs the massive boost to Jameer to even be interesting. He’s still “bad” just on Ratings, not to mention size and HoF Badges. And PD Dwight also, even with Duo, seems totally uncompelling compared even to just PD Russell.

But nice fan service to Magic fans, I guess.

Last year they did this with moncrief and Gianni’s. I loved that duo and moncrief had a great release and dunk package. It gave them both great 3point boosts too. Made moncrief amazing and just gave Gianni’s a 3

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Moncrief is always like that, still great card; mini MJ. That’s a great duo.

It was my favorite. The grant him, tmac one was nice too.

Oh wait pippen and perfect Jordan was nice

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I was expecting that today :disappointed: All 99 Pippen…