Input lag isolated to myteam only

Anybody ever had an issue like I’m having and can help out? The last few days I’ve had awful input delay playing online myteam games, like it’s a solid half a second or more that the game takes to register I’m pressing a button.

The confusing thing is I’m not having the issue in any other game modes… Park, rec centre, PNO all completely fine and my internet is running at like 30-40mbs download and 15-20mbs upload.

I’m so confused, anyone have any ideas?

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I play with input lag every MTU Game :innocent:


This is next level, I’ve had my share of it don’t worry but I can’t play with this. I need to release my jumpshots before I even see the metre… And then the metre appears and fills after I’ve already held and released… It’s not normal it’s a solid second delay.

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Its aussie servers bro, 5 of my mates and couple are streamers too are having this issue. Been like this since friday night

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Oh for real? You getting it too? It’s so weird that it’s localised to myteam… Park, rec, everything else is normal.

Yeah im unsure what it is. But it wont be fixed till tuesday at best. Every game has been like this and the same for everyone ive talked to.

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Damn, well thanks for the info. Glad it’s not just me experiencing this bullshit.

I tried everything, different controller, reset router and reset monitor. Things we do for 2k lol. Must be oceania servers only

Looks like I’ll stick to rec until it’s fixed then. No issues at all on that side of things.

Haha i was about to post about this as well. I’ve changed ethernet cables and did port forwarding already. Hopefully it gets fixed soon

is it still like this? 1sec delay on TTO and MTU. 2k opened up the servers so us aussie can match up with USA peeps

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This is how the game plays for me all the time


Look man, online is lag for everyone. U gotta keep playing online to get used to it. This is why people who play online exclusively have an advantage over people who do not. I cannot even get the shot meter timing down. Its so much slower than when playing offline.

I’m in New Orleans and I deal with this.

Lag is normal for me to an extent, i get hit with it alot, this lag is where the shot meter doesn’t even show up when your pressing square/right analog untill after you have shot it. this is everyone on the Australian/new zealand server who has had it since friday night. Guys who have never had lag are having it too like @xTeeMac


I’ve spoken to like 6 my team players from our server and they’ve all had the same issue over the past couple days. It’s definitely a server issue.

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It must of been when they opened the ports to play american players like @franz13 said. it must send signals to the servers in the u.s and back to aus which gives the delay

Is that what they’ve done? Open ports so we can matchup vs US guys?

Im in the US and it’s been noticeably worse the past few days. Ive been having to go for layups and dunks.

My internet speed is 250mbps and my Xbox is connected to my modem with an Ethernet cable. It’s def 2k.

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Look man, read the posts in here. This is a myteam specific issue across the whole of Australia since Friday night. This isn’t normal lag, we all know that’s a part of playing 2k, I’ve been playing 2k online for years. 2k’s normal lag is still present in park and rec, this is an entire second delay as I and someone else said to the point that shot metres aren’t showing up until after the release and it’s only in myteam.

This is not normal 2k lag, myteam has been unplayable for all Australians since Friday.