Input delay

Is it only me or does anyone else have input delay bad enough to ruin your multiplayer experience? TTO is somewhat manageable but I still find myself having to guess a bit on jumpers but Unlimited is just a waste of time to even attempt. It feels as if I am not playing in real-time. I need to play a move ahead at all times it is so delayed with directional movements, dribble moves and on jumpers the meter is meaningless.

I played on the same wired connection for 2k18 on PC and i played dozens of online games a month and it wasn’t anything like it is for me on PS4. Pro am mycareer games arent like this either so I’m just so baffled and frustrated.

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Ya some days it’s like you have to play a move ahead or slower I’m not sure if it’s the people I’m playing or what but if u move the wrong way or do something wrong it’s so hard to recover it also makes playing on ball defense hard so I wonder if this is why most ppl play off ball

Not sure if they also have the delay or if there game is playing fine is what I’m Always wondering

That’s the natural amount of delay I’ve been accustomed to. Every game mode in 2k has slightly different timing with jumpers. But that really should be it. When i am in MTU even the cheerleaders look like they are fkn delayed. It makes me feel like I’m wasting my fkn time hoping it will improve to where I know it’s supposed to be. I dont fkn get it

I’ll have a game playing fine for the first quarter then lag/delay hit so hard makes me wonder
If it’s servers or because the user I’m facing

I’ve seen it lag then jump ahead like 5 seconds. Have seen it cost a 5 sec inboubd call before

EVERY GAME FOR ME. It starts to settle at about the 3rd qtr or ive adjusted to the input delay. Ive tried using a fast frame monitor and controller fully charged and plugged in and still have the issue. Every other game is fine -.-


So would u say it’s the other users connection or 2k servers?

Wish i knew what it was. They look like there playing fine but who knows lol. You on ps4? Ive noticed it happens with more ppl on ps4.

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Ya I’m on ps4

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Man all day today it seemed that way lol pissed me off

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Ya the input delay is bad on 2K in general, you’d think by now they would do something to improve their netcode with all the money they rake in year round. Fighting games for the most part have moved away from delay based netcode I’d love to see 2K invest their profits in that area. I will say that online has felt smoother on the Xbox version over the PS4 version but the delay is still there.

I wish that were the case on XB1, @Dernus, but it’s completely dreadful… at least for me. I just ran my connection test before my last game, and it was at 385 mbps. And there was game breaking input delay. I especially love it when I just try to stop in transition around the three point line, and my guy will literally turn around and run a fucking half circle. This scumbag company is as cheap as they come for investing back into servers. Still running shit from the Stone Age. MK11 can’t get here soon enough.

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nothing worse than driving to the basket for an open dunk and your guy just runs straight out of bounds while you press square 100 times

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Oh ya for sure it’s still terrible, I’ve just in general had better experiences on Xbox over PS4 online. I have a feeling 2K’s matchmaking doesn’t take into account you and your opponents IRL location, like I bet on some of these horrible laggy game’s I’m probably playing someone in Britain or something when I’m East Coast US. This company need’s real competition so badly, I don’t play any other sports games but is 2K the worst online out of the big 3 of Fifa Madden and 2K?

I feel like theres a giant delay even when the servers seem normal i just pla tto but it reminds me of park 2k15 dudes never react instantly when you press something