Injury / Injury Cards

Seems like 2K updated INJURIES (or maybe it’s always been this way) ?!?

Noticed that one of my players (Mutombo) got injured for a duration of 2 games. You have the option to “heal player” via injury cards. Otherwise, you would have to take that player off your lineup.

Tested the latter, took him off the lineup, played an online match, and the “2” is now “1”.

It’s very similar to how injuries work in FUT.

I apologize if this is old news.

It’s been there all year. Players just never get injured. I haven’t had to use one since 2k17

LOL ok. Yeah exactly that.
This was the first time I had a player get injured and sit out a couple of games.

Happened to me once with KP

My Shaq broke his nose for two games and that’s been it in 2k19

Once I get a stack of 20 injury cards o just quick sell that shit. They are useless

Those injury cards are just there to fill up worthless packs. Ratio Injuries:Injury cards 1:1000

Thank God they don’t have injuries. 2k Is ahead of FUT on that.
And Thank God you can buy an infinite contract 2k is ahead of fut on that too.

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