Injury Glitch

My Mark Eaton got hurt with 2 minutes in the 4th quarter and the game won’t continue. The ball is just stuck in the middle of the court.

just wait it out it will resume eventually lol. shit is lame as hell

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This was in some previous patch notes as being fixed…

Yea def not patched just happened to me yesterday.

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If he’s injured post-game, see if he becomes auctionable - That was a glitch a few years ago.

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Also I remember a glitch where if you had 10 of the same shoes, you could make anyone wear them. That was the good days. Shoe glitch might actually still be around because I’ve seen players wearing shoes that the shouldn’t.

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Anytime i would try to quicksell shoes and my GF saw that…got bitch slapped real good, shes all about shoes!