Injuries more frequent?

I’ve had injuries that required healing like 3 out of the past 10 games I’ve played, online and offline, is this just me?

Just you

My Shaq went down yesterday with a sprained elbow in the 3rd quarter while I was at 7-0. That’s the game I knew I had to replace Camby asap

Do you guys not sub very often?

I have two 5 man squads I run evenly

My Lainier got a collapsed lung mid game (commentary said, oh it’s not that serious…)

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Wow which injury card do you use for a collapsed lung? Never seen that one. Creative

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Honestly I just assume that’s what the whole body cards are for!

I’ve been pulling more injury cards in TTO lately. Either my luck sucks or 2k is trying to tell us something that injuries are ramped up?

I would love if if injuries are way more frequent to the players that play their starting 5 the whole game

His guy has been down for about 10 minutes now… lmao

I had 2 guys laying on the floor simultaneously writhing in pain yesterday. It’s like the Bad Boy Pistons/ Ewing Knicks era again.

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I haven’t had an injury once this year in MyTeam. My theory is they just put those cards in so the packs seem filled out. Check how many of them you get after opening 100 TTO rewards or packs, it’s insane

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So if I have a diamond contract my guy won’t get injured right?