Injuries in 2k22

Fix this abomination. I am sick of nearly every game having a player get hurt. This doesn’t even happen in the real NBA. Now we have to spend MT to get an injury card just to use a player. I know y’all read this board. It is absolutely ridiculous that even if you switch players in ( I rotate when they are down to 70-75%) this still happens every other game. You want the MT sites to win this is how you do it. You want people playing the game then make it enjoyable and fun, injuries are ruining any otherwise positive experience with this game


Uh oh, this the outlier problem of the year? I’m on the fringes of getting 22 for xbx1 x.

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An over correct from last season? I had two injuries all year and neither of them missed a game after

sucks right now but will def be fixed… didn’t have a single one last year with close to 300 unlimited games i reckon… they tried to make it an aspect and i can’t blame them. injuries happen. it’s not even been a week. give it time. if this was a problem mid year i’d be more concerned.

i totally understand your frustration tho, it’ll be fixed soon!


I understand that it’s probably to prevent people who go on unlimited and lineup cheese just running a 5 man, but the fact that it’s happening so often even with me running a legit rotation is wild to me. Injury cards used to just be a thing we’d quick sell, now they are basically necessity. I had to spend 4K MT to get my best card healthy. That shouldn’t be a thing.

I found a way to get your player healthier without using an injury consumable. Make a gold tto offline team and go into the game and quit. And it gets rid of a injury, even without the player playing

what if they have 10 games as an injury?

Then quit ten games lol I did that. Not like I use the golds

i’ve also heard around that there’s a time on them… think i saw it on twitter idk. still very annoying. but i understand what 2k was trying to do… just did it too much.

I am quick selling every injury card except for the 1 3 or 5 game “all” injury cards.

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They have value - bronze for 350, silver for 450, and gold for 550.

I can comfortably say I have yet to EVER have an injured player in myteam…. Are you guys sure you’re not playing NHL?

In 22 you haven’t had an injury? Have you only played one game so far? Lol

My Ame DLO have a Leg injury out for 10 Games. Can’t even sell him and Leg Injury cards are expensive. How can I pass 10 games quickly?

Yours players dont get ernegy back at halftime, probably the same between quarters LOL
Only timeouts gave your players energy back lol

In 2k22? Played about 30 games so far in myteam. Nothing happened

don’t worry you’ll see soon enough

Maybe it’s because I’m still playing on XB1?

Or it is because I sub players once they have some color in the sub menu

Try to play 10 TToff games. He should be healthy after that

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