Initial thoughts and questions

Re-formatted below

Random thoughts so far:
• Gameplay feels really good right now, I’m really liking it.
• Big guys are actually slower and small guys are actually faster.
• Running plays works pretty well.
• Defensive AI still gets lost in PnR and fast break but for half court ball movement is great.
• On ball defense is super rewarding.
• Shooting is tough unless you have the current elite shooters…I’ve had some 1/16 from deep games.
• The Free agent cards are OP.
• I’ve just spent all my MT and bought 30+ Diamond shoes. Mostly with 3pt on them for cheap. These will be 5x or more within a few months.
• Does anyone know is there a purpose to playing My Team Limited once you get the ring for the week? Btw…my team limited is awesome!!
• Jamaal Wilkes is an absolute Demon budget beast. Throw a Kobe 1 on him and just free money. 100 dunk tendies
• Competition has been dogshit so far. I’m nothing special but haven’t lost in any game mode yet across maybe 12 games Where the players at?
• Progressed Shaq quickly to ruby In offline triple threat and chose defense upgrade. Super tough choice but the latquick boost got me.
• Make use of duos! Middleton is nice esp w Giannis. Luka/Porzee is the most fun! And of course bam/butler for lockdown.
• Collisions Momentum and change of direction speed make sense! You can’t just do whatever you want on the court it feels realistic.
• Fast breaks are harder kind of (which is great) you can’t just tap to pass the ball multiple times in a row without a penalty.


Got a few questions:
How do I redeem my VC for the physical copy mamba edition?
How do you find collector level and what’s the highest reward?
What’s the best build that involves shooting?

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Collector level is the 3rd page for the agenda challenges

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Prob an already Asked one but how to unlock market in my team ?

As in the Auction House? Collect 30 cards

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Doesn’t it come with an attached code? It should.

So it looks like it should be in the “box” I’m presuming

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Yeah there was 2 codes in the box but I typed them in and they don’t work. I created a thread about it and other people had the same problem as well.

I’m enjoying the game and idk if it was practice or a hot patch but I’m shooting 20% from wide open 3s now :rofl:.

Specific agenda awards are stupid and you should get some XP for any online game

Was shooting patched this morning? Someone just shot 10/18 vs me with horrible shot selection

Super noob question, but it’s my 1st 2k from day 1 so idk. Why are shoes cheap now but will rise in a month or two to be a nice profit?

Was Shaq a good pick or is AI better?

Just theory And a boring answer but It’s just supply and demand.

High Supply: Everyone got a free diamond shoe but doesn’t wanna blow it on a player who will be obsolete In 2 weeks.

Low Demand: people don’t have that much MT right now and again don’t wanna use diamond shoes on a player who’ll be useless soon.

I’ve stacked up 40 diamond shoes now. Paying average 1500-2k for non 3 ball and 4-6k for 3pt. I expect these will be going for 5-10x within 2 months.

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Appreciate the answer lol makes perfect sense when looking at prices now in 21 compared to shoes still being 25k^ in 20.

Just lookin for any insider info and tips I can get lol

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So you haven’t discovered sapphire Pascal yet :cold_face: keep it a secret.

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Yea dude if your new to 2k ask alot of questions the guys here are ridiculous w the info and tips. They know everything and are happy to help. Best 2k community around.

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Love this place, got the game in April - June during the pandemic height and joined this forum a little after, since I used the site for locker codes and never looked back. People here help alot and are generous which is nice since you have kids curse and say horrible things to you for playing proper D and being smart on offense :man_shrugging:t2:

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I have hes nice too. Just had trouble with Lowry for the duo.

Welp, then I’m screwed on Tuesday lmao

Yes, but the good thing is we’re all in this together.

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Don’t wanna make a new thread on this, but I couldn’t get matched in a Limited game alllll morning. Spent 10-15 minutes on search screen. Anyone else?