Indiana Pacers

This team is stacked, they could use a good bench big, but otherwise looking good.

Yep, just thought about that yesterday. If TJ wouldn’t have gotten injured, they would probably have a Top 5 starting lineup in the league this season. It’s ridiculous because only year and a half ago it was considered Oladipo’s team, he got injured and Brogdon stepped up, then in the bubble TJ went off and now it’s basically Sabonis show, as he’s been an absolute menace. Turner front runner for the DPOY as well. They could be serious contenders with a bench like the Lakers have for example

Warren should still come back this season, also they gonna get Lamb back as well. They don’t have any OD talent like KD or Giannis, but they’re very balanced.

They’ve really surprised me, I had them as a 7-8 seed

Will easily be one of the most balanced sides in the NBA once TJ comes back

Should make the 2nd round for sure, assuming full health

Yeah that’s the only thing holding them back really. If they have championship aspirations with this squad then Oladipo and Warren have to return to their previous forms to stand a chance against Nets or Bucks

Kyrie and Levert huge injury prones, will see how they hold up. I think Heat in this B still for sure, Herro getting next level.

True that, Nets also really dependent on their Stars, one of them go ice cold and Nets chances shrink to slim. I like Heat and I think that if they go up against anyone but the Bucks and they will make it back to the conference finals at least. I think Bucks have learned from their previous mistakes and now they have Holiday and other key role players that can hold their own when Giannis is being pressured in half court offense